Applying for parchment papal blessings


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As Catholics we can apply for parchment papal blessings.

Further information on how can be found here:

Has anyone done this here?

Could someone please clarify whether this has to happen before an event or if you can request it after something has happened?


I received one when I received the Sacrament of Confirmation. A friend of mine went almost monthly to Rome so it was easy for him to pick it up at the office. I had no idea that there was something like papal blessing so it was a very much appreciated surprise.

Mom also said that it was a beautiful Mass with the Sacrament of Confirmation and I appreciate that very much as well.


My mom and dad had one for their wedding so I asked mom if she could get me one for my wedding. She did, and got it before the event so she could give it to me as a wedding gift. I would think you might be able to get it just after the event too, but not too long after. However, I don’t know for sure - ask your priest if you’re in doubt.

Many dioceses have a page up about these stating the diocesan procedure, like whether you need to fill out a form to get the nihil obstat for the ones requiring that or just get it from your pastor.

I was going to get one of these for my husband’s and my 25th anniversary, but since he didn’t make it that long, I’ll probably just apply for one for myself.


I got one from the diocese. It was ordered before our 25th anniversary, so that I could surprise my husband with it. They have options to choose from with borders and such. It is quite lovely.


We got one for our pastor to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his ordination. The secretary in the parish office requested it through the Chancery. It can be ordered before, so you can present it at the event.


That is a good question. It would be nice to get a papal blessing for my marriage.


Yes, I’ve assisted parishioners and priests with the process.

They are LOVELY parchments. I would get your request in several months ahead of the event, baptism, confirmation, etc. (For weddings/wedding anniversaries you will have to go through your Diocese).


What do you do if your wedding has already happened but you haven’t hit your 10 year marriage anniversary yet? :grimacing: Can you apply for a baptismal anniversary parchment?

No one ever told me about this, I’ve just stumbled across it and felt quite saddened that no one around me knew. :blossom:


Go to your diocesan website and see what they offer! Then you will know what and where you can get things for yourself and as gifts. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve never SEEN a “Baptismal Anniversary” parchment, that would be a question for the Chancery Office at your Diocese. Also ask them about a parchment for a wedding that took place years ago.

Also, the guidelines are pretty clear about commemorating milestone anniversaries.


@Irishmom2 @TheLittleLady I will reach out to them shortly!

Thank you! :blossom:


The Vatican guidelines say they will bless “Catholic individuals” and “Catholic families” with spouses united in a religious marriage. So you could maybe get a family blessing. Talk to your diocese.
I think because these are not exactly cheap, they tend to be mostly obtained for milestone events.


My ex-husband and I had a papal blessing. The priest gave it to us as a wedding gift. The calligraphy was lovely, although our last name was misspelled. Which, in retrospect, might have been a sign … :wink:


I am always happy because my mother’s came from Pope John XXIII and mine came from Pope JPII, so we both had marriage blessings from saints.
Of course, now Pope Paul VI is a saint too, so many more people’s blessings are covered.


I’ve gotten many of these in the past. Both our children have them for the first anniversary of their Baptism. My wife and I have one from our wedding as our college friend who was studying at the seminary in Rome at the time gave it to us as a wedding present. I’ve also gotten them for the First Communion of my godchildren.

In general, you can get them for any sacrament or any significant anniversary of a sacrament (1st, 5th, 10th, etc.). There are other occasions, too—such as family blessing, parish blessings, birthdays, etc. When I was ordering them more often (about 10 years ago), you actually could request one for an event that had recently passed (within the last few months). I’m not sure if anything has changed in that regard.

I always got them through the diocesan office. At the time, it was easy for me to do that. They had a booklet to look through to choose a design and size. Note, they do not come in standard U.S. sizes (5x7, 8x10, etc.). It’s all metric. :slight_smile:

And yes, it takes several months between the time you request it and the time you receive it. So it’s definitely helpful to plan ahead.


Looks like some of the guidelines might have changed since the last time I ordered one. It doesn’t seem like they do anniversaries of Baptism, First Communion, or Confirmation anymore.


IIRC they are 30 ish bucks.


When I would order them, there were a number of different designs that came in different sizes. Some of them were around $30, but some were two or three times that.

It could be they do things differently now, though. The last time I ordered one was probably 6 or 7 years ago.


Last one I did was 3 ish years ago, we did not have any choices. It was for a Confirmation.


Ah. The last time I ordered one, the person at the diocese indicated that the process was changing soon, so that makes sense.

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