Applying For Seminary


I’m applying to enter seminary this Fall. I have my first meeting with the vocations director on May 6th, and we’ll see what God’s will is!

If you could pray for me and for everyone involved with discerning if I’m suitable for the seminary, I would greatly appreciate it.


Congratulations. I just entered the seminary for my Archdiocese, and it has been the best decision I have made. It will be the most fulfilling and at times the most difficult thingies your life. My only advice is never forget this time, the nervios passion, the fervor, and the will to respond to this calling. When things get hard, go back to the first time you heard the call. The Lord is more than enough to sustain. You’ll be in my prayers.


Oh, I say an extra decade for vocations, so I will be praying for you.


Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance & direction with your discernment.


Our vocations director suggests that if one is looking to get in for Fall, that they start the application by early April at absolute latest. For reference, we (Buffalo) even have our own seminary. Just a heads up.:blush:


Wishing you the best!

Prayers said for you. :slight_smile:


I’m hoping to enter seminary in Rome in about a year and a half. Here in Scotland, most of the Seminarians are sent off to the eternal city, but we must complete a “Year of Discernment” back at home before we do our 7 years in Rome! I’m applying to enter the Year of Discernment in August. You can message me if you wish to talk about vocations!

I’ll pray for you, for your seminary, and for vocations in general!
God bless.


good luck


It’s best that you start the process before then, yes. But applying late isn’t uncommon here. There was a seminarian in my diocese who applied so late that he wasn’t accepted before the school year started, so the vocation director told him to just go to seminary. He was there for two weeks before he was formally accepted! That being said, May isn’t actually that late here. All of the seminarians told me Father Mike (the vocation director) can make the process super quick. For one guy it only took a month, and that was because he applied late.


You’re a fortunate man!

MOST people HATE their jobs (see the stats on this if you will) and wish they were doing other things. . . even highly-paid professionals.

I’ve NEVER run into a religious who was unhappy with his or her choice.

I know you’ve posted here a good bit: I hope that God has blessed you with a calling. This is an excellent time to be an energetic priest or friar.


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