I’m planning on visiting a community of sisters again in the next month or so for possibly two weeks. The sisters want you to come for 2 weeks to further discern and before you would start the application process if this is where God is calling you. So, I just have to email the Sisters and plan a time when I can come out. This Sisters are semi-contemplative, so during my visit I’m going to pray about whether or not I’m called to semi-contemplative or totally contemplative.

Thinking ahead and if this is the community for me, I was also wondering if some of you could tell me more about the application process in general. For example, what it involves and how long it would usually take. Also, if I did apply and was accepted, does that mean I join soon, or could for example, in a year after being accepted (so as too pay off my debt in the year)

Any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated

Well, I can tell you the application process for priesthood, which actually shouldn’t be too different, to be honest.

There should be a General Application of your name, address, DOB, Social Security, family members, schools, work experience, etc.

Then there will be a Medical Application which would require various immunizations, what physical/mental health issues you may or may not have, family history in those regards.

After that, most likely a write-up on why you’re doing this, your thoughts on death, explain “Sometimes bad things happen to good people”, etc.

If that’s all in order, then you would have a psychological evaluation, which may or may not include a psycho-sexual component to it (we do it as two separate appointments).

If all of that is in order, and assuming the superior of the house/order (depending on their Rule of Life and Constitutions) had no issues with the application, you would then be accepted into postulancy. From there, you’d have to ask someone else. I know how it goes in male religious life, but…:shrug:

As to debt, generally you need to have that taken care of before entering; but I’ve also heard of orders where that’s not always the case these days.

Good luck.:thumbsup:

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