Appointee to the Iowa Board of Medicine rejected because of her comments at Catholic World Report

“The Iowa Senate refused to confirm a Nevada woman to the Iowa Board of Medicine Wednesday because of comments she wrote last August on a Catholic online forum critics said were “red flags” on LGBTQ issues.”

She failed to get the two thirds majority needed because 18 Democrats voted against her.

“What I read was pretty off the wall for somebody going on the Board of Medicine,” said Sen. Tony Bisignano, D-Des Moines. “She states that she completely agrees with all that this person has said and this guy goes back into the Dark Ages talking about sexuality.”

Well, the nature of human sexuality—male and female—has not changed, but what has changed is the recent rejection of what has been considered normal sexual behavior over the last several millennia.

Reading this article reminded me of how thoroughly the world has bought into the twisted sexual mores which have so recently been foisted upon us within the past few decades. Now, the abnormal is considered normal, and the normal is abnormal.

is this the way of the democratic party: you have to buy-in to their agenda or else. do people of religion have a place in the democratic party anymore?

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