Appreciation of Protestant Hymns


I thought I’d take this as an opportunity to invite Catholics to mention protestant hymns they personally like and admire but aren’t sung within the Church.

And I suppose I’ll go first by saying that I really love the Anglican hymn Onward Christian Soldiers, it’s very moving and it’s a pleasure listening to.


As The Deer


“Just As I Am Without One Plea”



Sing of the Lord’s Goodness

I believe it is Anglican


Great is Thy Faithfulness - I haven’t found any Catholics who know or have heard of this song. When I google it, it says its a Catholic Hymn, but we always sang it in my Baptist churches.

Now I’m confused. I cannot find this song attributed as a Catholic Hymn. Looks to be written by a protestant, but I know I saw it in some Catholic Hymnal. I’ll keep searching. I’ve been singing it since 1960 in Junior Church.


Hillsong! :smiley: Evangelical/Protestant contemporary music is really great.


“What a friend we have in Jesus”, “Up from the Grave he Arose”, “Fountain Free”, “Where the Soul never dies”, “It is well with my soul”…I’m a convert from the Church of Christ and the hymns are one of the few things I miss.


As a bluegrass fan most Protestant hymns are 100x better than most stuff I play at mass


Amazing Grace is my all time favourite hymn notwithstanding it’s reformed theological emphasis.

I also love And Can It Be by Charles Wesley. Other favourites are:

Be Thou My Vision
Thine Be The Glory
Great Is Thou Faithfulness
Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer
Abide With Me


Chant? As in Gregorian?


I’ve heard that one at Mass several times.

Personally, I could make a long list… I used to be a pianist at a local Baptist church.


Too monophonic and not what I play at mass

I suppose it’s good at a Latin mass or at a monastery. It’s just not the music I prefer. I’d rather listen to good ol American folk music.

Polyphonic motets by palestrina on the other hand, woah baby!


Here’s a Catholic who knows and has sung this --because my BFF was raised as UCC. And it is a beautiful song.


Another favorite Protestant hymn, “In the garden”.

And my now-departed Episcopalian brother-in-law’s favorite, “I sing a song of the saints of God”.


I’ve posted videos before from Fountainview Academy. This is one area, where I find it better to note the common ground we have with Protestants. They sing some of our songs, we sing some of their’s, no problem.


_Amazing Grace, _ first and foremost. And I love some of the old bluegrass gospel classics like Alison Krause does. Not that you can go wrong with Johnny Cash, either.


How Great Thou Art, Leaning on the Everlasting Arms


I have heard a lot of Protestant hymns like Amazing Grace, A Mighty Fortress, Jesus Loves Me etc played at Catholic Mass at least once or twice.

How Great Thou Art is a good one that I don’t think I’ve heard at a Catholic Mass yet.

I don’t suppose “Drop Kick Me Jesus Through the Goalposts of Life” counts as a Protestant hymn?


I feel this so much. Miss the music loads

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