Appreciation of Protestant Hymns


That sums up pretty well @DaveBj how I picture it having been sung , in a home with piano accompaniment .

From what I know The Holy City was popular in my grandmother’s days .

I’ve just Googled and come up with this

I still like it . My parents had it on an old 78 RPM Record . So I heard it a lot .


It’s like that in all languages that I have sufficient understanding of to tell the difference. I have sometimes wondered why.


Two of those I know and like .


Although this was written by an Anglican, this has been used so much by the Catholic Church that you’d think it was written by a Catholic. It was played at about every third Mass when I was a child and a teenager.

I don’t hear it quite as much now as when I was a kid, but I think that’s because it’s considered an “old fashioned” hymn, not because of any Anglican connection.


Thanks, Rob. Been a while since I’ve heard it.


When I was a kid and Lutheran, we always sang ‘This Is My Father’s World’ on Easter morning. Very inspirational.


Here is a modern rendition of the hymn. I learned it as a child but still like hearing it as an adult.



That is a beautiful rendition. But I’m just a simple man with a non-denominational background and this version humbles my heart while lifting my spirit to God:


In surveys of children, Holy Holy Holy, Lord God Almighty consistently ranks ##1 as their favorite hymn.

I loved it when I was a child. I still love it.


Thanks, Tommy. That is so beautiful. Missed that last verse, though.

This is my father’s world
Why should my heart be sad.
The Lord is king, let the heavens ring,
God reigns, let the earth be glad.

Beautiful video, too.


Wonderful topic!

Yes. Although I’ve never heard it in a Catholic church.


Come Down Oh Love Divine (Catholic inspiration, but never heard in a Catholic church :frowning: )
Love Divine all Loves Excelling
Thine be the Glory (yes, we sing that!)


I sing that to myself as I am in the Communion line


You would have if you attended my wedding 25 years ago.


Love this hymn! I was just reading about the Saint who wrote the words, Saint Dallan Forghaill in the 6th century. I had no idea the words were that old. It is just a beautiful hymn.


I realize the topic is Protestant hymns, but one of my favorite Catholic ones (or at least I think it is Catholic) is ‘Shepherd Me O God’, especially this rendition. I wasn’t aware of it at all until I started listening to my local Catholic radio station a few years ago.


You’re welcome, Shasta-Rose. Until you pointed it out, I was not aware they had left out the last verse. I wish they had included it, also.


“Shepherd Me O God” is by Marty Haugen, who was raised Lutheran and as an adult became a member of the United Church of Christ. Despite this, the Catholic Church has used many of his hymns and Mass settings for years. Last Sunday, I heard his “We Are Many Parts” at two different churches because it tied in with the Gospel for that day.

A lot of Catholics, especially traditional Catholics, don’t like Haugen’s hymns. I personally like them myself, but lots of other people don’t. We had a thread a few months back about his hymn “Gather Us In” (one of my favorites) where people bashed it so bad I had to take a board break to escape the negativity.


A Welsh hymn , but with subtitles , and the lads inspire me .


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