Appreciation of Protestant Hymns


Just to make some of you jealous, some of the hymns I have done at Mass

Amazing Grace
How Great Thou Art
It is Well
Old Rugged Cross
Be Thou My Vision

In addition to the ones mentioned I wish this was in the hymnal

To God Be the Glory (the second verse would have to go, I think)


Yes - I like this one, too, but I just checked my Baptist hymnal based on your comment. That verse wouldn’t work.


I realize it’s not a hymn in the sense of containing doctrine or praise per se, but I was always fond of “The Little Brown Church in the Vale” . My impression is that it is has both religious and nostalgic elements to it. Perhaps I like it because of my small town roots, but it has a soothing aspect to it that I like a lot.




“Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart” was written in 1978 by Henry Smith and is beautiful ’


Even though I know it’s not a hymn, I do enjoy hearing Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring as intercessional music. One of the finest pieces composed by Johann Sebastian Bach


The following hymn was written in the late 1970’s by my college chaplain. I always liked it and hope you do, too. It’s called “God and Man at Table are Sat Down”.


Simple and meaningful .


That’s a traditional Irish hymn, I don’t think that’s a Protestant hymn.



I have sung this at Anglican funerals. I like it a lot but you’re right, that verse would have to go.




Ahh, the Parking Lot Song after mass . . .

We will jump in our Chevies,
we will jump in our Fords!
We will run down the Christians,
ages “praise the Lord!”


I’ve driven in NYC, Boston, Chicago, and LA during the freeway shootings. The night I learned to drive, my father took me along the aptly named “Blood Alley” (and didn’t tell me until we returned).

There is only one place I’m scared to drive.

And that would be an RC parking lot after Mass . . .





On second thought, I don’t have a problem driving there. It’s pretty scary to be a pedestrian, though. All those Vespas and the occasional Smart car on the sidewalks can be pretty intimidating.


I’ve found myself in in the same parts of NYC as both a pedestrian and behind the wheel of a Crown Victoria. Two entirely different worlds.

And I understand that there are parts of Rome where not double but triple parking is the norm–and that there are brawny young men who make their living with carts to move the outer cars for tips so that the inner can get out!



“The Lord’s my Shepherd”, to the Scottish tune “Crimond” attributed to Jessie Seymour Irvine, was sung at the Queen’s coronation and was largely unknown in the Church of England at the time.




It certainly wasn’t unknown when I was a boy chorister in the Anglican Church in Australia in the '60s! I always assumed it had been around forever, but it seems it was the queen’s coronation in the previous decade which brought it to us.

And, yes, it has been one of my favourite Anglican hymns ever since singing it in that choir in the '60s.

I loved that performance you linked!



Another one from my '60’s choir, and a personal favourite.

I can sing along from memory after all these years!

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