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There is this girl that goes to the church with her parents every sunday. I’ve been thinking about talking with her, but i don’t know if it is the right thing to do, even because she’s always with her parents and the corona problem mostly keeps people afar.
She got my attention because she is always in the church with her parents and i would like to have a relationship with someone in my age(19) and that has the same beliefs that i do and here in my country is really hard to find someone worthwhile.
I have been praying a lot to try to have some point on it and i plan to talk to a priest today about that, but i would like to have other opinions on this point. I’ve been keeping my self on the sainthood way for a long while and i would really like to have someone to do that with me and, maybe, in the future, have a family.
I’m sorry if i haven’t expressed myself very clearly, this the first time that i do something like this and english is not my first language, so sorry if it got bad.


I hope you ask her. I could never do it because of my severe shyness but I bet she would be flattered.

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Start with a smile. See if she smiles back. It all goes in small steps.


Do you have any idea how old she is? This would be my only hesitation. I went through puberty very early and have looked like an adult women, although a short one, since I was 12.

If you know she is close to your age I would try to stop her after mass. You could keep it light, “Hello, I’m T, I see we are both Catholic, I’d like to find out what else we have in common. That is ,of course, if it’s okay with you sir.”

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That could come across as a bit creepy.:woozy_face:

“Hello, how are you today?” is enough to start.


Just don’t overthink it. Just talk to her like a human being. If you strategize and plan it like it’s the moon landing you’re going to come off as stiff and awkward. Just say hi. It’s not a big deal.


You could smile and say something like, “Hello, I see you all the time at Mass with your parents. My name is T. Aquino. What’s yours?”

(she says what her name is, let’s say her name is Therese just for an example)

"Nice to meet you, Therese. I would normally shake hands but we’re supposed to be social distancing. That’s a very pretty scarf you’re wearing today. "

(she’ll probably say thank you)

“Well, I have to get home now, but perhaps I’ll see you again at church next Sunday. Or, do you ever happen to stop by (insert some place you spend time, such as the library, the park, the youth group meetings)? I spend a lot of time there, maybe if you’re ever there too, we’ll run into each other. Nice talking to you, bye.”

If she’s receptive then when you see her again you can make more chat and find out things she is interested in, like if she enjoys movies or a certain restaurant you could ask her to go with you.

If she’s not receptive then you know to find someone else to talk to.


Tell her you are looking for a computer pen pal to talk about church scripture stuff.

This. No need to overthink it.

But maybe he isn’t looking for a computer pen pal, but someone to date.

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Agree! I would stay far away from a man who uses pick-up lines!

This right here is so wise.
The shy need not worry. Meeting eyes and giving an approachable smile is the universal language.
Words sometimes get in the way.

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