Approach to seek reimbursement from FIL for funeral expenses

If/when my parents or any of dad’s other 7 brothers & sisters needed money from their parents, it was always loaned freely and always with a proper promissory note drafts with all payments and balances recorded. On that side of the family when significant sums of money are exchanged, it’s always either a well documented loan or a gift. My mother’s side of the family is the opposite with how such exchanges are handled and on more than one occasion it has resulted in animosity, hurt feelings and jealousy.

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Thank you for your comment. After receiving my polite letter on August 10, my FIL called my wife to pass along the message to me that he will be sending me a check next week to reimburse me for the outstanding $4K for the funeral expenses. So there is a happy ending to this post. Thank you to everyone who responded to this topic. I appreciate it.


I’m so glad it’s working out for you. I think you’ll be resting easily, in the days and nights to come. Most OP’s kind of drift away, and we don’t know if their problems were solved, or not… Thanks for sharing your problem, AND it’s solution, with us!


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