Appropiate clothing for easter vigil

Why can’t i find a white blouse that isn’t a see through?. I went through JC pennies and some blouses that i may like are see throughs that i would have to wear something underneath like a tank or something. I think it’d look goofy to throw in a t shirt underneath. I’m still looking for a decent white blouse that isn’t a see through and doesn’t make me look too “busty” on top. I suppose i could wear a white sweater instead but i’m afraid i may be too warm since we’re pretty much in “summer” weather now.

Going to check out Kohls next week and i hope they have something decent.

I don’t like wearing dresses so i will be wearing a light colored dress pants.

Also is it ok to wear some dressy pearl necklace ? or should i not wear any jewelry at all?.

Are you being Confirmed at Easter Vigil? Your sponsor should be able to give you the parish’s guidelines for Confirmation attire.

yes i’m being comfirmed. She says to wear a sweater or a nice blousy type of shirts :slight_smile:

Find a cotton camisole that color-coordinates with your dress pants and go with the white blouse you found at Penney’s if Kohl’s doesn’t have anything. Then you’ve got a cami you can pair with a casual shrug and jeans/capris later on or wear again with the white blouse for another dressy occasion. Pearl necklace/jewelry would be a nice accessory. Congratulations on your upcoming Sacrament.

Whatever you decide to wear this Saturday, I will remember you in my prayers at Easter Vigil.


Same :slight_smile:

Ask about a camisole to wear under the blouse…Or :confused:could you wear a vest over it??
Finding modest clothing is a real pain!!

Prayers to you as you are confirmed. If they ask you to wear white, I know its heard to find that color in my size and also in a modest style. Hope you can find something nice soon.

Thank you :slight_smile:

If you are not required to wear white, consider a blouse with a simple print. Even if it is summer, perhaps a sleeveless sweater with a a matching cardigan or shrug? Our adult confirmands are not required to wear any specific color or style of clothing other than to be in “Sunday best”. We have almost 30 adults coming into the church at Easter! So exciting!

Welocmehome, and I’ll be praying for you also!

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