Appropriate Dress for Reception into Church


I will be received into the Catholic Church in the next couple of weeks. I am wondering what type of dress would be appropriate. I totally understand that it should be modest and of acceptable length but is there any colors I should traditionally avoid or wear? I am currently very pregnant and worry that it might be difficult to find something specific. Thanks for any advice!


Congratulations as you join the Church.

You do not need to wear a dress if finding an appropriate one in your very pregnant state is difficult. You are fine to wear a blouse and skirt or blouse and nice dressy slacks, which might be more practical as you won’t need to wear pantyhose with the dress slacks and swollen ankles are concealed. Some might advise avoiding black, as this is a joyous occasion, but black is fine, if you prefer something understated.


I’d say wear something simple and nothing too fancy. If you’re going to wear anything that reveals legs, I personally think it should go no higher than the top of the knees. But opinions will vary and I haven’t really paid too much attention to what the other parishioners wear. A few weeks ago, we also received catechumens in the RCIA program. They wore every day clothing, nothing that really stood out.


Wear what you normally wear when you go to church. And welcome home (and your baby too!).


Anything that won’t be too revealing when you bend down to bow at Communion.
Congratulations! Welcome home!


I don’t think there are any colors you should wear or any you should avoid. Personally, I’m looking at outfits for my husband’s homecoming and I think my next purchase is a high waisted midi skirt. Lol. :slight_smile:


I was received into the Church last year and most of the women in my group wore very modest dresses that fell just below the knee or slacks and a nice blouse or sweater. Tell yourself this…if God revealed Himself to you and said that He wanted you to come to His house, what would you wear? This is kind of what is happening. Welcome to the Catholic family.


We were instructed to wear our “Sunday Best.” Since you are pregnant I would suggest you prioritize being comfortable and covering any gaps. Since I live in California Sunday Best has different interpretations but the RCIA leader made it clear that we were not to were jeans and a T shirt. I interpret Sunday Best to mean something I might wear if I was working at an office.


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