Appropriate gift for religion teacher

I would like to get something of a religious nature for my daughters ccd teacher. She probably has rosarys so I am at a loss. Any ideas?
Thank you

Something little that you would like to receive. Candy, candles, soap and the like are typical gifts that I receive and that is lovely. If you want to give something religious, a nice card with a personal note from you or your child is priceless! Just the fact that you thought enough to get any gift is incredibly meaningful.

Love, a Catechist

As a teacher, I know you heart is in the right place, but don’t necessarily think because someone is a religion teacher you have to get something religious. I don’t need another paperweight or notepad! Think how thrilled a housewife is to get a brand new frying pan :smiley:

If you don’t have any idea, a gift card to any store like Walgreens or CVS is sufficient.

Get her a gift card.

I have been both a public school teacher and a religion teacher and I hate getting little gifts including candles, soap, sweets, and little figurines and such. I give all that stuff away.

I agree, heart in the right place, but one can only get so many candles and tchotchkes before it changes from a nice gesture to a painful ritual.

Consider having a Mass said for her intention.

I hope the above are all nice presents.

However, I suggest a very nice prayer book.




I love the suggestion of a mass! Prayer is such a wonderful gift. Perhaps a gift certificate to a Catholic bookstore? Or a donation to St Vincent de Paul or to Mother Theresa and the Missionaries of Charity in his or her name?

I’d be happy to recieve a Mass card. Also would enjoy a gift certificate to a craft store (I don’t charge the parish for supplies), a centerpiece for the table, homemade cookies or anything because I don’t do that anymore.:wink: Don’t need stationery, only wear certain perfumes, have enough home scents etc. Gift certificate for, to local market, or Omaha Steaks fine too.

I would make her homemade cookies and get her a nice prayer book!!! Whoever said that had a goood idea!! :smiley:

These are some of my favorite gifts that students have given me, and they are not in any particular order:

  1. Spiritual Bouquets: they are THEE best. You can get very clever with how you present them too. Once I received one that was a Christian coffee mug half filled with skittles.Wooden flowers on sticks were stuck into the skittles. Each flower had one type of prayer offering written on it in fine point permanent marker. I loved it! For example, one flower said 10 Masses, another said 100 Our Fathers, another 20 visits to the chapel…

I have also received Spiritual Bouquets that were homemade cards made out of construction paper, one that was a 99 cent tiny flower pot with colorful flower barrettes stuck in it with the prayer intentions on tags and attached to the barrettes, and one was a coffee cup with a piece of styrofoam and silk flowers with prayer intentions on them.

  1. A decorative cross from Hobby Lobby. I was given a wooden one that stands nicely on a shelf and it has a Bible verse on it. I use it at home and on the prayer table in the classroom as well.

  2. Fresh flowers, even the cheapo kinds are nice. I don’t have to scratch my head trying to figure out what to do with them. I enjoy them for several days, they remind me of the student and their family, and then they are gone. If I get them from several students, and it’s too much for my home, I stick some in a vase and set it next to my Blessed Mother statue outside, and re-gift some.

  3. Barnes and Noble gift card: I have a Nook, so I love receiving B & N gift cards. I can add them to my account and it’s a wonderful treat when I go to purchase my next electronic book. You could always buy an Amazon gift card if she has a Kindle.

  4. Amazon gift card: It’s easy to add it to your account and it’s ready to be used for your next purchase.

Price range: I live in the suburbs of a decent sized mid-western city and the average price of a gift and/or gift card we teachers receive here is $10.

Another idea: Once I gave my daughter’s teachers lunch and they loved it! We bought containers of Pannera soup and mini baguettes from Costco and popped one of each in Christmas gift bags with spoons and napkins. When she delivered them to the teachers in the morning she told them their gift needed to be refrigerated so it wouldn’t sit there in the teachers gift pile all the live-long day. Every teacher loved this gift!

Hope that helps!

Mass card and a gift card. My favorite is Panera. :thumbsup:

I would go for something made in a monastery.

Mmmmm…Panera - yum! Another great gift idea!

A bottle of Valium? :smiley:


Would that be for her or her students?

Mant CCD teachers buy their own supplies which could add up. I suggest giving her a nice assortment of religious stickers that she can use in class, or holy cards that she can give out. Perhaps add in a gift certificate to the local Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

None of the above!!!

One of the best gifts I have received was a small gift card ($5) to a local ice cream place.

I carried it around for a while, then used it when I needed it most.

Prayer cards are nice gifts… along with a simple gift card for the local coffee shop! :thumbsup:

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