Appropriate gift?


Hello everyone,
I received a…well let’s say, most interesting gift, from my mother’s best friend. It is a “holy toast miracle bread stamper”. The instructions read: “press the stamper into an ordinary slice of bread, toast it, and behold a miracle!” The image is Our Lady, who has her hands clasped in prayer. It’s not the image that disturbs me (as it doesn’t look defamatory), but the idea. Do you all think I should feel a bit uncomfortable, or am I being far too serious as my mother suggests? My family, and mom’s best friend are all Anglicans. I am a convert from last Easter Vigil. Perhaps they just want to get a rise out of me? Merry Christmas.

                                             Perturbed in Canada,
                                                      +   Brother Cameron


I think it is a classic Catholic gag-gift, given in good humor by your relatives and can be accepted and appreciated as such. a while back we had a thread with links to a site selling such Catholic gifts, bobble-head saints etc. I got a sink stopper with a church on it last year, MIL picks up this stuff at craft shows.


Thanks for your response. I would probably agree, as the gift was given in good humour and not as a smear campaign against the Church. After all, they are not anti-Catholic, and supported my decision to enter the Church. Sometimes, us Catholics probably get a little too anal-retentive - there is a difference between a bonefide jesture and anti-Catholocism. It’s good to get a second opinion! Thanks and Merry Christmas, and all the best for 2007.

                                                         + Brother Cameron


IMHO, the intent may have been innocent, but the effect is negative. It’s irreverent, there are no two ways about it. Our Lady is our mother in heaven, and the mother of Our Lord, to be held up and honored; she is not an emblem of pop culture to be made to blend in with the rest of our cultural subconscious with no real influence whatsoever. Say the Chaplet of Tears and think about whether or not you should just let this ride or not. I don’t think being offended by it is over reacting at all. It was a tasteless gift, with no sensitivity to it whatsoever. The giver got a kick out of it and the recipient was left, as you put it, perturbed. It was a bad idea, and you would certainly not be wrong to gently let her (and your mother, who seemed to think it was funny too) know that this is not the sort of gift you wish to receive.


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