Appropriate Gifts for a Priest


I really admire the priests for our parish. What is a nice, thoughtful way of thinking of them a Christmas? We don't have a lot of money but that doesn't mean I don't want it to be nice. I thought of food, but what if they don't like it?:confused::shrug:


Well, I can say this....

My priest at my parish loves golf.

If I were to get him a gift it would be some chocolates along with a book on jokes about golf.

How could that be a wrong doing? :D

Just mix a bit of treat food with their own personal enjoyments. Can't go wrong.:extrahappy:


The Priests I know get a ton of food for gifts. You have to know your priest. Dos he read? if so a gift card for a bookstore may be good. Perhaps a card for the local Starbucks if he likes coffee. The main thing is small acts of kindness throwout the year. It truly gos a long way in showing someone just how much you ( in a good way ) love him as your priest.


Gift card to Cabellas would be great, too!


On a serious note, anything that would offer him time and opportunity to rest and spiritually recharge, would likely be hugely welcomed. Most priests run at full tilt for so much of their earthly time, that someone else making provision for their rest is a wonderful gift.

Grace and peace.


I thought of making him a scarf for our winter season. Most have so many books they can't read them all. And I don't know what his taste in yummies runs to.

Think that would be appropo?


How about Scott Hahn’s book “Many are Called-Rediscovering the Glory of the Priesthood”-I gave this to a priest friend of mine and really loved it.


OH I like the idea of the coffee or bookstore gift card!


I'm not a priest, but I'm discerning and I have several priest and seminarian friends. Here's what I think they might like (in order of my preference at least):
(1) Gift certificate to a bbq place.
(2) Six pack of some type of locally brewed (maybe seasonal) beer (Schlafly or Boulevard if you're in my area).
(3) Hat, scarf, gloves (whatever is cheap) of their favorite NFL, NHL, or what have you sports teams
(4) iTunes gift card
(5) Something odd or weird. I know of a priest who received a box full of temporary peel off tattoos and loved them!


I used to gift my director different things throughout the many years. Wine, oistachios, etc is good. You need to know his likes and dislikes. But I stopped doing that...actually he asked us to stop because he had so much stuff! He had two garage sales, to get rid of stuff.

So now, well, money and tim horton's gift card tucked in. Or his favourite wine....And so many 54 day novenas! :shrug:


I think a really nice and thoughtful idea would be to get the priest(s) a gift card to a nearby grocery store. A Wal-Mart gift card would be a great idea if you have a Super Wal-Mart around because it would be usable on both food and personal items. I think $20 is more than enough.

Also, when I was ending my spiritual direction, I got the priest who was helping me a nice "thank you" card and a holy card of St. John Vianney, patron of priests. It was during the year of the priest, so I thought it was appropriate especially for that time, but he is a patron at anytime. Don't go too overboard. Priests are not in it for the gifts and money--it is a special calling from God. I'm sure, though, they will appreciate the thoughtfulness of a parishioner. :)


Our former pastor likes golf, so we usually gave him a gift certificate to a sports store.


It never hurts to ask! :) I am good friends with a priest and have been for years..At first, I always got him gifts I thought he would like, but since we talk all the time I just ask him and he tells me what he likes to help gear me in the right direction because he knows if he says, "I don't want anything" I will get something anyway for him. So i guess he finally realized I might as well just tell her what I like so I get something I will use. :p

But it is not a bad idea to ask them personally since all priests are different in their interests. :)


A gas card is a good idea, especially with the price of gas going up and up.


I would suggest a gift card for something they could use, even if they get a bunch of them from other people (such as gas stations, grocery stores, bookstores, electronics stores, iTunes, etc.).


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