Appropriate movies for a 9 yo boy

I have a 9 yo who is a very active physical son. I am not. I am bookish and was all my life. My son loves to go biking, likes watching sports, etc. I try He has developed an interest in action movies and super heroes.

My wife and I have not let him see anything beyond Disney. We have not let him see Shrek or movies like that (note these movies could be ok, I just think they have too much potty humor in them - I have not seen them mind you). I think he should watch such movies as frequently it is a battle over good and evil.

I got Iron Man and watched it alone to see if it would be too violent for him, and thought is was great! However my wife asked me is there was objectionable language in it, and I had not noticed any, but I am sure there was some. There is also some possible objectionable stuff which would be over his head (airlnine stewardessess do some mildly suggestive pole dancing). So Iron Man is going back to Block Buster, but I’d like some thrilling action movies for him,

Does anyone have any recommendations?


Based on what

The Neverending Story! That was one of my favorites as a kid, and still is now. I wouldn’t call it an action movie, but it’s age-appropriate and has a little boy as the main character.

Thanks OJ. I was going to comment that that movie was too childish, but I read the reviews on Amazon and it sounds great:) I’ve ordered a copy - it was only $5.

Kung Fu Panda was excellent in my opinion. Very good values and entertaining for children and adults alike.

I can’t wait for it to come out in Blu-Ray. The visuals should be eye-popping!

Thanks e61i. I have pre-ordered this.

What about the TV series Heroes? Is this suitable for a 9 yo?



The original Star Wars Trilogy.
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, though it might be a bit scary at certain parts.
Batman Begins. I wouldn’t suggest The Dark Knight for a 9 year old. Though there wasn’t anything objectionable in it, it was very dark.
There are some great anime movies that you and your son might like. Their by studio Ghibli. The ones I recommend are:
Howl’s Moving Castle
Spirited Away
Castle in the Sky
Their much better than Disney Movies (though their actually released by Disney in the U.S.). They really have strong moral messages.

I’m not too sure about Heroes. I’ve only seen the first season but what I’ve seen tends to be a bit disturbing and possibly frightening to a 9 year-old.

If you can find a complete set of the old TV series “Jim Henson’s The Storyteller” that would be very good. Fraggle Rock was also a very nice show which had good moral lessons.

You might be able to find them for cheap at Amazon or

Good luck with your search for shows to view with your child and God Bless you and your family Hilary!

Thanks for your advice e61iuser:)

I’m a lady, I don’t like the outdoors much, I’m also a “bookish” person, and I’m not atheletic. I have an extremely active 11 year old boy, and an extremely active 5 year old girl. I know first hand how difficult it can be to find activities that are appealing to the entire family. However, watching movies / tv can be habbit forming, lead to an unhealthy sedentary life style, & as your post points out, you quickly run out of appropriate shows. As your son grows and you start running out of movies you haven’t already seen, you will begin to compromise, “oh, only a few bad words”, “that scene will be over his head anyway”, “well, he is starting to get older”… and before you know it your entire family is watching movies that aren’t appropriate or uplifting. Might I suggest:

  1. Grab your favorite book, and take him to the park, the beach, or an indoor playground.
  2. Take turns reading to each other from action classics, like “Call of the Wild”, “Benhur”, “The Old Man and the Sea”, etc … There are series of classic books that have been condensed and reworded to be appropriate for pre-teens.
  3. Go out to see theatre, ballet, or orchestra performances. Go to the art or science museums, the local aquarium, or to the library.
  4. Find plays, and act them out at home.
  5. Build a tent in your living room, and have a “campin” weekend, complete with canned beans and smores. If you don’t have a tent or sleeping bags, just pull your mattresses on to the floor in your living room. Go out into your back yard at night to see the stars.
  6. Take a trip to the local pet store, and just look around at the animals… no need to buy anything, just go like if it was a free zoo.
  7. Try indoor arena type sporting events. I can’t stand sports, but I really enjoyed going to arena football, and the monster truck races…they were both indoors with plenty of AC, and surprisingly entertaining!
  8. Pretend you are a tourist in your own home city. Buy a tourist map, and make a point to see one new attraction per month. The ones I thought I would least enjoy turned out to be surprisingly interesting. You can combine the trips with books on local history, period books, or books on geography or natural history.
  9. Have your son invite a friend over for a sleep over. They can keep themselves entertained, and you actually have time to relax. The benefit of this, is that the next weekend your son might be invited over to their house, and you get a night off!
  10. Get a book like 101 Science Experiments to do at Home, and do 1 a month.
  11. Teach your son to bake cookies, make smoothies, or do a bar-b-que.

Please use your son’s enthusiasm and high energy as a motivator for you to form good habits, becoming more active, and less sedintary. Please don’t turn it around the other way, instilling bad habbits, in a growing active boy.

Carmen, do you mean to suggest that I can’t let Hollywood babysit and raise my children for me? :wink:

What a fantastic answer! You hit a lot of nails on the head in it. It will be hard to do many of these activities as there are 7 of us (we have 5 kids), but I am sure we can figure out something:) You have given us some great ideas:)

Thanks again!


Only 5 kids? In that case, why not have them all invite a friend over, and you can take all 10 for a relaxing weekend of kayaking, sky diving, and rapelling … I guess that scenario is as realistic as you maybe having a night off???

I admire you for having enough energy to even write this post… I guess sedentary wasn’t exactly the right word to use :smiley:

So is your 9 year old the oldest, the youngest or in the middle. I do see how the numbers can add an extra twist!

Given the size of your family, I can just imagine the “campin” would be a blast! Let me know if you decide to do it, and how it goes!

Take care


OK, may I be so bold??? How about one more suggestion…how about Boy Scouts? That is something where you can just drop him off, and he will have all kinds of out door activities that will tire him out. It is also great in buliding character, responsiblity, community service, and a great way to meet like minded, good, wholesome kids. It is also great in that you can participate in as many or as few activities as you like. Parents are always welcomed, but never required.

:slight_smile: We just joined last month. Here in American the family is very involved in the scouting experience. Darius is the second eldest, we have an older 10 yo daughter (almost 11), Gabriel m 8 yo, Josiah almost 7 m, and Maria 5.

You can’t drop your kid(s) off there, they are not a babysitting service. You have to attend with them. I’m not complaining, I’d rather be there in case something happens.

He is not too active for me, but I find myself doing things I did not do as a kid, ie playing catch, etc.

We have recently bought a tent and might go camping soon, but it might only be the boys. The temperature is getting cold here now.

But thanks again for your advice, you hit a nail on the head and gave me many good ideas:)

ok movies - mmmmmm…
well…the definite NOs include E.T. (that scared the hell outta me) and Jurassic Park (i watched that when I was 6ish or younger - i hated it and still do to this day)! I also found Beauty and the Beast to be scary although everyone i know loved it! And the last 1 is - X-files (i found that scary and i watched that when i was about 7/8ish)!
Yep, i was exposed to alot when i was 8 or younger… o and 1 more movie i hated when i was a kid includes - the grinch (for some reason i have never and will never like Dr. Seuss)
but movies that a 9yo could watch - The early HP movies are pretty ok, I think Pirates of the Caribbean should be fairly ok, Sister Act II - the one with the kids, Sound of Music…umm…my guy friends liked ninja turtles when they were younger.
i hope that helped

  • fanny

Thanks for saying that. That’s one of the issues we are having right now at our pack meetings - parents dropping off their kids who end up running wild. :frowning:

In Florida, I was the Scout Leader, and we had parents drop off all the time. It was actually part of the plan as it helped the kids become independent and responsible for attaining their own badges, etc. Many parents participated, but it wasn’t required. My son was in 4th grade at the time.

Regarding kids “running wild”. We had a maximum of 12 boys in our troup, and had a built in “run wild” session at the begining where we would play all sorts of games to tire the kids out. Then we would begin with the pledges and a prayer. After that the kids pretty much settled down.

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