Appropriate to request anointing of the sick?

Is it appropriate to request anointing of the sick for someone getting a hip replacement surgery?

Yes it is. Surgery involving general anesthesia is always a cause for anointing.



I think it is especially if they are old. You can always ask.

Yes, it is- I suffer from a genetic disorder that sometimes renders the ability to breathe well during surgeries. For future surgeries, I’m always planning to request for one before I have a surgery.

Other than surgery, it is also appropriate to get the anointing of the sick when you are sick as well.

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I received anointing a week and a half ago. Went to confession and mentioned to the priest that I had upcoming surgery, and when confession was done he went to get the oil.

Surgery has now been postponed twice - first because of infection, then yesterday because equipment the doctor ordered hadn’t arrived. I trust that the sacrament is giving me the grace of patience…

Yes. I had the anointing when I went in for surgery to remove a malignant tumour from my arm.

Followup question for @edward_george1

I just found out this morning that my surgery has been postponed again, to February 4 – four full weeks after the original date of January 7th.

I was anointed on January 4th. Would it be improper to request anointing again the weekend before the new, rescheduled date?

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