Approval of 12th Marian Apparition by Vatican

Our Lady of Laus. What are your thoughts and comments on this? I just recently heard of it.

I was unfamiliar with it and looked it up. For anyone else who needs a link:

Thanks for the link. I couldn’t find a good one! :thumbsup:

This is a good site to read about the Apparition:

I liked this:
Father Lambert was most unsympathetic towards the apparitions at Laus, and he was not pleased to see the faithful forsaking the old pilgrimage to Our Lady of Embrun. He was convinced that Benoite’s apparitions were diabolical and that she was just a common illuminate. On September 14, 1665, he came to Laus in the company of several eminent priests, equally unsympathetic to the events at Laus, hoping to put an end to “this sorcery,” prove Benoite guilty of a hoax, and shut down the chapel. When the poor shepherd girl heard that they had arrived, she was so afraid that she wanted to leave, but the Mother of God reassured her: “No, My daughter, you must not run away. You must remain, for you must do justice to churchmen. They will question you one by one and try to catch you with your own words. But don’t be afraid. Tell the Vicar General that he can very well make God come down from Heaven by the power he received when he became a priest, but he has no commands to give the Mother of God.”

To tell you the truth, I know this apparition is authentic, but… this seems a bit troubling to me. It implies that the Mother of God is more powerful that Christ, or is that just me?

It’s just you :smiley:

Our Lady is saying that she’s as powerful as the priest, and that the priest (at least as a man, when he’s not acting in Persona Christi, which He isn’t when investigating apparitions) cannot command her in any way.

Which is fair enough - after all, she was the original ‘bringer of God down from heaven’, in a sense a priest in her own unique way.


That makes sense, she was the original God-bearer-- not priests. I realized that their priestly power would not have happed if it weren’t for the Mother of God.

I read all about the visionary shepardess Benoite and her visions and when I came to the part where Mary gives her a message for Father, I laughed when I read it and found it absolutely refreshing and wonderful that Our Lady has such a wicked sense of the funny!!! It was quite clever too I thought.
I dont think Our Lady was claiming to be more powerful than Christ but with a truly wonderful sense of the absurd in reality is pointing out that Father can indeed command Jesus to be present on the altar in the form of bread - but he has been given no authority whatsoever by Jesus to give commands of any kind to His Mother.
It is very funny and clever too!..sorta saying “You might have permission to give orders to my Son, but you have no permissions to give orders and commands to His mother” and it is said with a ring of authority that is not only a wicked and clever sense of humour but also, I thought, actually has an aura of ‘universal mother speaking’ about it. Thanks heaps, Our Lady:thumbsup:
…how wonderful to give us the gift of knowing you have a sense of humour and a wickedly clever one to boot.

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