Approved or not, Ven. Mother Mariana of Quito's visions?


This morning, someone, not on these forums, sent me something about Mother Mariana of Quito’s visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I didn’t think that those visions were ever approved by the Church, but I could be wrong. Could someone please clarify this for me? Thanks.


There is only one approved from the 1600’s and that is Venerable Mary of Agreda (in Spain).


I just read up on Mary of Agreda, and no, her visions were never approved. I doubt that they’ll ever be approved, because of their contravercial nature.


Sorry but you are wrong. They have full Church approval.


a google search results in a number of hits, some linked to sites about Our Lady of Good Success, title by which she is venerated in Ecuador. this one, a reprint of an account by a priest used allegedly in her beatification process, seems to be most descriptive, and the forward by the modern translator claims her apparitions and prophesies were approved by Ecuadoran bishops contemporary with those events.

there seems to be two “Marianas” linked to this devotion, so some more research is indicated. Some sites say she has been canonized, so it should not be hard to determine. With just a brief review of the first few links that pop up, it seems the reason for renewed interest is that supposedly her prophesies allege dire events including heresy taught by those within the Church for the 20th century.


The prophesies are why I’m interested in these visions, but it’s still unclear whether they’re approved. Our Lady of Akita made similar prophesies if what I read was right. It seems that at least here in the US, some of the prophesies of both Our Lady of Akita and Our Lady of GoodSuccess are being fulfilled. I’m not trying to promote the visions in Quito, but I’d like to find out whether they’ve been approved by the Church.


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