Approved Revelation?

It’s Orthodox. I saw the icon in a Ukrainian Catholic chant video. Is this apparition approved, or at least allowed to be believed. It’s really amazing.

The icon and the alleged story are both amazing, I mean. Would it be ok to believe this apparition, or at least have the icon?

Hi, Upgrade. I took a look. I agree, it’s a pretty icon of Mary Mother of God. Here are some thoughts.

Are Catholics allowed to believe that Our Lady appeared to this Russian Orthodox nun and asked her to make this image? But then made it herself instead?

Here I would get off the boat. The Russian Orthodox Church is not in union with Rome, so is separated from the authority of the Apostles and from the guarantee that Christ would always be with His Church. Why would Mary give a private revelation to a body which has torn itself away from Her Son’s Body. I don’t know a reason.

If she did, it would have been sort of person-to-person, not a message to a church separated from the true Church, I would think. Further, if she did such, the true authority would have no way of determining it. So there could only be silence on the subject.

And the making so much of her image, hmmm. The accepted apparitions, I think, emphasize Mary’s message to the world: “repent, pray and fast, do penance; follow Jesus”. I’m thinking of Lourdes, Fatima and Our Lady of Guadalupe. I believe she always gives some version of this message; it’s always about her divine Son. Not about miracles (though both images and miracles are associated with the accepted apparitions).

I’m not getting that same vibe from this apparition story.

I did follow your link; then I double-checked at another where the same story is told in even better wording and without offering the icon for sale. 1870 is not so long ago, so the talk of “legend” is odd. And what happened to the nun Tatiana? Did she live a heroically holy life? I would turn my attention, if I were you, to the apparitions accepted in the Catholic world.

But it is a beautiful painting (sorry, “writing”) of Our Blessed Mother, and yes, I definitely think you could have it to enjoy and to venerate her. I would see nothing wrong with your having a copy of this artwork if it helps you love Mary and her Son more, as long as you don’t insist on the “legend” associated with it.

Or you could look among the images associated with the accepted apparitions like Fatima, Lourdes and Our Lady of Guadalupe to see if you find something special. Or does William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s artwork do anything for you? His Madonnas are lovely and quiet, not just in the usual style.

God and Mary to you, Ugrade.

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