April 29th - Martha Stewart Show - Dr. talks about birth control, in vitro, etc

My kids used to watch Martha Stewart.

A female obstetrician, Dr. Brasner was on the show talking about STD’s and later she talked about birth control showing the birth control package. Seasonale pills and a new IUD device. She talked about the wonders of in vitro and surrogate mothers for people who have fertility problems.I know Martha Stewart supports Democrat causes but still there are moderates in the party so I was kind of surprise by this guest.

I think Martha got a bad rap in the past but am not surprised by this.
Why not “design” your children to coordinate with your decor?:wink: Life is all about “control.” Why not fertility?

yeah this isnt suprusing, but it is news to me because her show hasnt been allowed in my hom since she became a convicted felon. it wasnt the crime everybody makes mistakes but she was so smug and unapologetic about it. now this just reaffirms that decesion.

Sorry typo error. The title should read Monday, April 27 as I saw her on the show today.

Guess Martha needs our prayers to continue her reversion.

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