April has been one heck of a month for Christian Metal!

This month has seen a few awesome releases in the realm of Christian metal from some of my favorite bands.

On Tuesday April 10th Demon Hunter released their 6th full album, True Defiance. This album is similarly in the vein of their last release, which boldly addressed the challenges of the post-modern world in topics ranging from neopaganism to Christian persecution.

“With every turn I fail to learn my path and it’s wearing down my days
To be the voice of a half-dead, suffering age / A never-ending seek that I chase to find my way.”- God Forsaken

Last week, Tuesday April 17th, Thousand Foot Krutch released The End is Where We Begin. The whole album is a winner in my opinion.

“I feel a million miles away, still you connect me in your way
And you created me, something I would’ve never seen
When I can only see the floor, you made my window a door
So when they say they don’t believe, I hope that they see you and me” - Be Somebody

And today, Tuesday April 24th (I see a pattern here), War of Ages released Return to Life. This cd just plainly isn’t for the faint of heart. From the intro of Immortal throughout the rest of the cd I had goosebumps. Then again, I’ve also acquired the taste to like this kind of music. Many probably won’t like it if they haven’t been exposed to metalcore before, but for those of us that do, this is one to appreciate.

“Arise! Arise! Only Truth will set you free!” - Redeemer

I’m so glad the OP posted this, I didn’t even know about these bands and what their message was. :thumbsup:

New music is always released on Tuesday for some reason!! Ever since…:eek:…vinyl!!

It has to do with the way all media is handed out. It’s the same reason new movies are released on Friday.

Tuesdays seem to be a big day for video game releases too.


Maybe I’m just too old to appreciate this? My listening session lasted approximately 7 seconds.

…and so, having said that, I went back to listen to some more. I have two main issues:

(i) The fact that listening to these tunes made me feel as if I’ve heard all of this several thousand times in various incarnations for years upon years;

(ii) The fact that it seems to be for kids who want to be both religious as well as somehow fit in with their peers.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t even remotely get into this, it’s just not… very interesting, challenging, artistic, or musical. Forgive me if I’m being “too honest” here.

Opposing viewpoints are always welcome. :slight_smile:

I’m not big on metalcore/nu metal either. I tend towards the progressive/power/symphonic metal. It’s much more interesting to me. Take Theocracy’s Mirror of Souls, for example.

But I’m happy for the OP that he’s had an influx of CDs he enjoys. That is always exciting. :thumbsup:

I much more enjoyed As the World Bleeds over Mirror of Souls. :wink:

To each his own. However I take issue with your (ii). Nobody, nobody, none of my peers, not one single one, listens to anything even remotely similar to this. This is music for Christian outcasts. I go to a liberal college. Not a liberal arts college, rather a national university with highly liberal leanings. Music is all about Lady Gaga and her LGBT following here. And if it’s not Lady Gaga or any one of those other vapid screechy female artists talking into a computer using heavy modulation, accompanied by entirely fake instruments synthesized on a computer, then it’s about rap. I had always thought college was about obscure indy artists and acoustic guitars, but not here.

The music I listen to puts me infinitely far from “fitting in” with my peers, I assure you.

I think the poster means fitting in with the heave metal peers. Like, I am Christian but I am still down with this “scene” even though the metal scene and the like is not mainly Christian

On the whole, I agree, but Mirror of Souls (the song) and Laying the Demon to Rest are still my favorite Theocracy tracks. :slight_smile:

Good point. The only other person I know in real life who listens to the same music I do is my brother. We both took a lot of flak in college for our musical preferences, and the majority of those bands weren’t even Christian. Christian metal is a niche market in what is already a niche market.

I’m sure there are probably some people who listen to Christian metal (or Christian rap or Christian rock, etc…) simply as a means of having their cake and eating it, too. But I’ve always just liked what I like without much concern for what other people think. :shrug:

I like Demon Hunter, they play some great music. Yeah, I understand that some people may find it weird that a Christian likes extreme music. The way I look at it, though, I just try to avoid the satanic bands. Therefore, I’m not much of a fan of black metal at all. I especially like it when a band I like is has Christians, such as As I Lay Dying.

I also like some metal that isn’t so extreme; stuff like Sonata Arctica and DragonForce can get pretty melodic. Most of the metal I like isn’t extreme though. If it is, it’ll usually have some singing in it along with the harsh vocals (like when I listen to melodic metalcore or melodic death metal).

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