Aquaman: The Movie


Anyone see Aquaman yet?

I enjoyed it, and thought it was one of the better DCU movies. Wonder Woman is still tops though.

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Superman’s story was similar to that of Jesus. Came from above to be raised as an infant with super powers to save others…

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If this movie is good or not I yet have to see for myself, but this new version of Aquaman will never replace his ultimate depiction…



A point often referenced in the comics, although his story also has parallels to Moses and that’s not surprising either. Given that, like many other Golden age creations, his creators were Jewish. Which reminds me as an after thought of one of DC’s many alternate worlds where they have a Jewish Batman opposing the Nazis. Generally speaking mind you DC tends to not nail down the religion of their main characters. Superman has been shown to be a Methodist and the main continuity version of Batman is likely a lapsed Anglican or Catholic but many others just have no identified faith they adhere to. Some, like Wonder Woman are pagan, one writer did an interesting story with her visiting Greece years ok where she got into a fierce argument with an Orthodox clergyman about her faith until they both learned to respect each other as the story developed.



I just watched the movie and I love it. I liked the effects.



I liked it. Good to see DC stealing some of Marvel’s formula (for me at least). I never cared for all that dark stuff. I like the way that humility is necessary for strength. Very Tolkien.



An image of pure masculinity if I’ve ever seen one.



Aquaman, despite the comic perception of him by the general public, is actually quite a tragic character. One of his major storylines that is often referenced or alluded to involves his infant son been murdered. He’s had his hand inserted in water and had to watch whilst it was eaten by piranhas, a vast number of other quite gruesome things have happened to him over the years.



I normally don’t take superhero movies too seriously, but Aquaman was too vapid and frothy even for me.



I am waiting on the Flash.



I’ve burnt our totally on them, so I’ll have to wait to see it till it comes around on TV or a streaming service. Only ‘Into the Spider-verse’ moved me to some degree of amusement, mainly the amazement of seeing a minor character like Spider-Ham bouncing around up there on the screen. But I know very well he is bouncing around as he will sell lots of cuddly toys, no harm in that though as the companies exist to make cash. Also, I increasingly begin to feel the DC and Marvel superheroes are tired icons that need to either take long rests or be retired. Not that this will happen.



I thought Venom was pretty okay. Although I’m neither pro- or con super hero movies I can’t really avoid them completely as I have two pre-adolescent sons who like them. I only wish I could interest them in the comic books that inspired the movies.



Yeah, the seems harder. These movies increasingly fill up the screens of our cinemas and TVs and yet the source material is consigned to being dusty relics and rarely read. You have sites like Comic Book Resources which claim to do articles showing where these movies originate from and even they are full of glaring errors, such as declaring the Hulk and Iron Man to be golden age comic book characters. On one hand superheroes have becomes less of a nerd/geek sub-culture and on the other hand they’ve stayed been just exactly that.

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I just looked up where it stood. It is number 1 with $189 million the first two weeks.



Yeah it’s making a bundle - less I think because of the quality of the movie and more because there’s little or no competition.



I’m going to give it a pass, even when it eventually will be possible to see it for free. I prefer movies with real characters, real acting, and real writing.




I was just reading how it surpassed Wonder Woman in gross sales. That doesn’t mean it’s better, though. I’ll wait for it to come to Netflix :slight_smile:



Well, I meant in quality, not box office receipts necessarily.

I think I saw where Aquaman has beaten WW in worldwide box office, but it’s unlikely to beat WW’s domestic gross.



DCU box office showdown.

Aquaman looks in a good position to become the highest-grossing DCU film, on a worldwide basis. But it’s getting a much higher percentage of its box office outside the U.S. and Canada than Wonder Woman did.



That’s ironic since I remember reading that the filmmakers ‘toned down’ the character’s American patriotism specifically to make the product more palatable to a global (read Chinese) audience - which I find entirely indefensible on a number of levels, and which is probably one reason why I never made an effort to see it.


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