Aquaman: The Movie


Wonder Woman’s patriotism has gone up and down the scale in the comics, she is not particularly patriotic regarding the US in the comics any more and has not been for decades. She’s not in any way hostile to the US either, but it’s not her homeland after all. Batman is another character whose patriotism has gone up and down a fair bit. Even up till the late 80’s he regarded himself as if push come to shove a patriotic American, albeit one who was very distrustful of the govt. That element of him has been minimized over the years with him been presented usually as rather cynical regarding all nations and govts. He tends to support America as the least worst possible option usually if political issues arise in the comics in recent years.


I think i’m going to pass on the movie, I’ve always been more of a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy fan myself.


I’ll give it a try eventually. Namor, over at Marvel would make for an interesting movie perhaps. However, given as half the time he is terrorising the surface world and the other half helping it the inevitable comparisons to Magneto amongst viewers would start quite quickly. Even though he long pre-dates the latter character.


Perhaps now Marvel once again has the licence to Conan we might see a decent attempt at a new movie set in that universe.


I always loved the Submariner - so much cooler than Aquaman! (And also if I remember correctly a true Golden Age superhero).


As primarily a Marvel fan, I know Wonder Woman from the Saturday morning Justice League cartoon and the live action series with Lynda Carter, which may not have reflected her declining status as a patriotic icon. But somehow I got the impression that traditionally DC promoted her as a female equivalent to Superman, whose patriotism knew no bounds - traditionally at least. (So much so that there was a Saturday Night Live sketch in the 1970’s exploring what would have happened if the space craft bringing him to Earth from Krypton as a baby had crash landed in Nazi Germany.)

My impression of the DC origin stories of their characters is that they are all over the place, perhaps due to the extreme age of the characters and their subsequently passing through many pairs of hands. I’ve read that Hawkman in particular has a very confusing and fluid origin story. By the way, why is Hawkman not in any of these DC movies?


I saw it. I think it was far better than Wonder Woman.

I saw a ranking list of best DC movies ever made, and they ranked it #4. Pretty decent list.


I haven’t watched any of the DCEU movies since Man of Steel. I want to see Wonder Woman, but everything I’ve seen from the rest of those movies has been disappointing. Makes me sad, I used to be a bigger fan of DC than Marvel.

I’d love to see the DC universe get the Marvel treatment, but they’d really need to wait a while before they try again.


People have been waiting for the Aquaman movie since before the time it was used as a plot device on the HBO show Entourage.

Aquaman was a long time coming… Also, the trailers showed that the movie was going to be awesome and follow the comics pretty well - esp with Black Manta in there.


I’m a Marvel MCU fan… I really don’t care for the DCEU.

I thought Wonder Woman was a little overrated. It was the best of the DCEU when it came out, but I think Aquaman blows Wonder Woman away. It was really well done. It was ALMOST at Guardians of the Galaxy level.


I just hate how dark the DCEU is. The grim-dark realism worked for the Dark Knight trilogy, but Superman is supposed to be the antithesis of that, so is the Flash… but they all got pulled along into Snyder’s attempts to mimic Nolan.

I want them to be good, but they’re just not.


Yeap! I think that’s why Aquaman is so much better than the rest. It has the action, but isn’t dark. The whole movie has a sense of hope and excitement as you are watching a hero rise.

The Snyder movies were also so depressing and a major let down. Even The Dark Knight Batman was far more hopeful and heroic than the cynical & sadistic Snyder Batman.


Aquaman is also a Golden Age hero but Namor was more famous in that era. Oddly enough for whatever reason Aquaman was one of the few Golden Age characters kept on publishing after superheroes collapsed, although he never held his own book until the 1960’s as I recall and always appeared as a second string strip in other books.


Did Aquaman have a kid sidekick as was customary for that era?


Not in the Golden Age, actually the Golden Age character is a bit of an odd fish (pun intended), he has more in common with sci-fi in some respects and the writer seems to have been inspired by people like Lovecraft, Burroughs and Howard. There was always a fair amount of that in Golden Age comics anyway but it’s on overload in that strip for much of the early years. He has Aqualad as a sidekick years later though. Bit of a lone wolf the original Aquaman, didn’t really interact much with the other heroes either. How he hung around when so many bigger heroes ceased being published is fascinating in and of itself.


Hawkman, thereby hangs a sorry tale indeed of muddled continuity mess that is still problematic even now. Several writers have had a go at clearing that up, with greater or lesser success. The DC origin stores are indeed all over the place and the Marvel ones are beginning to acquire the same problems. Part of the issue is endless partial reboots that never take hold fully. Wonder Woman is promoted as a female match to Superman but her patriotism is reserved for her own people nowadays, as it should be really, as she isn’t American and never was in any version. DC’s explored on page what would happen if Kal was raised in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union several times in fact. They’ve also explored a Jewish Batman fighting against the Nazis, and hundreds of other alternate possibilities. Sometimes entertaingly, sometimes less so.


Their rankings seem a little Batman heavy. I think box office totals would be a more objective way of ranking.


Well, you can’t rank the 1960s Batman or the 1970s Superman against Aquaman, even adjusting for inflation. Far more screens today, not to mention 3D, etc.


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