Aquatic life and the flood?

I was wondering about this last night, since God wanted to cleanse the entire earth, including all animal life, just curious if it is significant for any reason that marine life would not really have been effected by the flood, no need to have 2 of each species of fish, sharks, whales, turtles, etc on the ark.

I guess God did not see the need to kill off all marine life, or was it just coincidence that water was used as the method of destruction and therefore marine life would not be effected?

Im probably overthinking this, but it seemed strange God would give this type of life a pass when everything else was killed off.

Yeah, you’re overthinking this…and you seem to do that a lot. :smiley:

“On the earth” does not imply the planet per se, but only per se all land beings.

The scriptural genre dinstinguished the earth from the sea.


Them little fishes have no souls, no free will, so them little fishies swam and swam right over the dam. Not necessary to kill all them little fishies. Peace to the little fishyies!:smiley:

The word “earth” means ground. The word didn’t become the name of our planet until much later.

Ask an Apologist in CAF answered a related question:

I guess Im wondering why the need to kill off all the land animals (except for 2 of each), I know why humans were killed off, but animals? in what way were they as destructive as humans, to the point of needing to be wiped out an start over?

If God can do anything, Im sure he could have just made it so that none of the animals would be killed or effected by the flood.

The Flood did not kill all animals, nor all humans, outside the Ark, but it did kill very many of them. It also killed very many sea creatures, but not all. So it was the same for the aquatic creatures, as for land animals and people. The story is an historical event, but told in highly figurative terms.

God foreknew that the fish would become the symbol for Christians, so he spared them. :smiley:

My question is, since **plants **require air as much as animals, and would also be uprooted by the flooding; since Noah was never told to load seed on the ark, what did everybody and the critters eat once the flood receded?


Catholics aren’t required to believe that the Flood literally covered the entire planet. It was most likely a localized flood. The Catechism teaches us that Genesis uses figurative language to express primordial truths…Genesis is not a history text book. We are not Evangelical Protestants who espouse literalism without taking into account the unique and varied genres of Sacred Writ.

One of the many problems evolutionists face is that fossils of aquatic life forms are often found with fossils of land animals.

Something tells me if God could manage to get a male and female of each animal to the site of the ark and ensure they all survive, he would probably not have any problem making sure they have something to eat or somehow survive to procreate so their species live on.

Look at how he managed to feed 5000 people from just a few fish and loaves of bread.

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