Arab American on Arab TV a must see...


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De Maria


Very good video. I believe that if I was her, I’d be hiring some bodyguards. She will be a marked person from now on.


Well she certainly out-talked the guy with the funny hat. You notice the way he debates, simply by calling her a heretic because she told the truth.


Finally! That woman is a strong person, and one I would think that will hopefully be instumental in waking people up and getting them to see things they are so blind to.

Lets pray for this woman and her saftey.

St. Michael, watch over her please!


She definately made some interesting points contrasting Jews & Budhists to Muslims.


This woman is heroic, atheistic, but heroic. It takes a lot of courage for her to stand up like that and speak against Muslims. I hope she lives a long life where she can be so outspoken.


Wow! She made some great points. Hopefully she won’t be killed for them. I will pray that God protect her from any backlash.


couldn’t view the file


May God bless Dr. Sultan. She knows that she is putting her life in jeopardy by speaking as she did.


Wow :thumbsup: ! That took an incredible amount of courage for her to participate in that “debate”!


Note that her opponent refused to continue the discussion because she was an unbeliever. That tells one how far the Pope’s hope for dialogue will go, [unless he plans to convert].


Read the full transcript here


I think that was the most incredible video that I have seen on the subject!

AWESOME, absolutely AWESOME!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Is it still working for people? The link wouldn’t come up for me. :frowning:


That was excellent! She has really got it. Although she is not religious, she has broken out of the thinking of most Arabs. Now she need to know Jesus as her Messiah and to pray for her people to know Him too. I pray for Dr. Sultan to be born again.


You can find this video at YouTube, for those who couldn’t get the link to work. Try this:


By the way, if you listen to the Tovias radio interview (the link is on the YouTube link above), you can hear Dr. Sultan explain the turning point for her. She grew up in Syria and in 1979 was in medical school there. Her professor was gunned down in front of her by the Islamic Brotherhood shouting “Allah is Great!” She said she lost trust in their God at that moment. The whole interview is wonderful, so I highly recommend listening to it in its entirety.


Atheist or not, whether she knows it or not, she is doing the work of God! I love how she told them “Muslims must ask themselves …what can they do to (help) humankind…”:thumbsup:


Goodness me she makes some sense doesn’t she? I wonder what the reaction will be??


Here’s some more of her in action, speaking out against Islamic institutions nurturing & teaching violence:

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