Arabic Only Catholic Bible


Does anyone know where or how to purchase a Catholic or Orthodox Bible in Arabic only? If that’s not possible, Arabic-English works, too.

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Have you checked Amazon?


There is a Bible I believe it was originally published in Egypt, a Jesuit Bible, that is in Arabic. I know some websites from Lebanon, offer it.


IF your in the U.S. I’d check into the American Bible Society as they print them in many languages and they will often provide a Bible FREE if you can NOT afford the cost.

Your other option as I see it is to contact a Maronite Eparchy (Diocese) and ask the bishop’s office where you might get a Bible in Arabic! I suggest the Maronite’s as they primarily worship in Arabic!
PS: Maronite’s ARE Catholic’s who recognize the Pope!


There’s a website called that seems to specialize in providing aid and encouragement to Muslims who are thinking of converting. It has an online Bible, though it’s the Protestant Bible missing the deuterocanonicals.

They hand out New Testaments free of charge. There’s a message thread where someone has requested 100 NTs for “outreach work”.


Thanks, everyone. The Bible Society in Lebanon seems to be offering what I’m looking for; they even have Syriac translations.

Have a very blessed and merry Christmas, all.


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