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Has anyone heard of or read this new “Aramaic Bible”? I am not sure of its’ origins or claims of origin. But it calls the “Holy Spirit” the “Spirit of Holiness”. Interesting viewpoint and to me makes sense. Anyway my favorite versions are NAB, KJV, DR, RSVCE. And the old testament I read the Jerusalem Bible. A Jewish Tanaukh. I’m a bit of a purist maybe :slight_smile:

I guess there also a NRSVCE. So much to keep track of.


Has anyone heard of or read this new “Aramaic Bible”?

I have a copy. There are several different versions, apparently. I generally like to have 2-3 different versions of the Bible from which to read to compare various verse interpretations. Reading the Bible - Old or New Testament - is always a challenge, and having side-by-side comparisons and good commentaries are extremely helpful in getting to root meanings.


What is the “new” Aramaic Bible? Is it the Peshitta (link below) or something else?


I think this is what it maybe in print. What I was reading was an online source. I can’t remember where it was from.

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