Aramaic or Greek?

I’ve heard that the book of Matthew was written in Aramaic. What is the evidence for this?

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Papias, an apostolic Father who knew St. John the Evangelist wrote as follows :

Matthew wrote and ordered account of the oracles in the Hebrew tongue and each interpreted these accounts according to his ability."

[size=9][size=1]B. Orchard, ed.[/size] [/size]A Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture, New York [etc] Thomas Nelson & Sons [c. 1953], par.677d.

Several other Fathers, including St. Jerome, accepted this. By “Hebrew” it is universally agreed that “Aramaic” is meant.

From this point, arise all kinds of controversy. For more info you can look up the Catholic Encyclopedia, which dates from 1912 at

A search with “Matthew” and “Papias” will give you some modern points of view.


[quote=trumpet152]I’ve heard that the book of Matthew was written in Aramaic. What is the evidence for this?

I also believe that fragments from recent archeological finds support this.

Interesting thoughts from Dom Bernard Orchard, OSB (quoted by Verbum) on Papias and St Matthew.

I guess he [Dom. Bernard] has a lot at stake in advancing Matthew in Aramaic, being one of the very few scholars who hold that Matthew wrote his account of the Gospel before Mark, who most certainly wrote in Greek.

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Without contradicting what you say, I just want to specify that the commentary on Matthew was written by Rev. A Jones, who was professor of Sacred Scripture at Upholland College, Wigan. B. Orchard was the editor of the whole commentaryy. The only article he wrote was “The Place of the Bible in the Church”, and that in collaboration with W. Leonard.


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