Arapahoe HS Shooting


Well here we go again. Another shooting at a High School. Details are still coming in, but it seems there is one student injured and the shooter.

This is getting so old. And people wonder why some of us are in favor of stronger gun control laws. I don’t have a problem with people owning guns as long as they are responsible. However, I see no reason for anyone to own these semi-automatic guns.

How have we come to the point were the only thing people can figure out to do when there is something wrong, is to shoot others and take it out on innocent people?

Let us pray for all of the families and the injured that God brings them Peace and healing that only He can bring.


When I grew up in the 1960’s, guns were much easier to obtain, but “school shootings” were unheard of. Our problem is not guns, it’s an increase in people with violent tendencies, and sociopaths.

Semi-automatic is not fully automatic (“machine guns”).
The weapon in this Arapahoe case was neither - it was a shotgun…


I do not disagree with your statements about gun control, but I didn’t see a lot of that stuff in the article I read. While it didn’t state the type of gun, it did say the student came in with the intention of attacking a specific teacher (who was not present). Another student confronted the gunman, and was shot. It does not appear that this was a mass shooting as we’ve seen in the past, so I don’t know if the same arguments necessarily apply.

Again, I think we do need a better system for gun control, but I’m just not sure this tragedy adds to the evidence in favor of strict laws.


My question is this, what law or laws would prevent this from happening short of removing all guns from citizens?


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All that would do is make sure that only those who had already chosen to break the law had guns.


Shooters body is not even cold before people start politicizing the tragedy.


The shooting took place in Centennial, Colorado. It is part of the greater Denver metro area, and is located near Littleton, Colorado.
Columbine High School, site of the infamous Littleton shooting, is 8 miles from Arapahoe HS

*A student who carried a shotgun into Arapahoe High School and asked where to find a specific teacher opened fire on Friday, wounding two fellow students before apparently killing himself, Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson said.

One student, a girl, was reported in serious condition and undergoing surgery. The other student was expected to be released from the hospital Friday evening.*

May God have mercy on everyone affected by this shooting.


I know what you mean. People don’t ask why school shootings were unheard of back when guns were actually easier to get. But now, despite “gun-free zones” and the stricter gun control laws of today, these random mass killings have become common. We have to wait to see what happened with this shooting, but with the one at Sandy Hook Elementary, the strict gun law that was already in place had prevented him from buying a gun, but he got one anyway by killing his mother and taking hers. Chicago and Washington D.C. have some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, but gun violence is higher in these kind of urban cities than in non-urban areas that have less strict gun laws. Plus, the Boston bombing showed how stricter gun laws wouldn’t prevent a sociopath from using a bomb. So, the problem is people, and I think it’s because of America’s selfish culture of sexual gratification, violence and death. A politician will say that a mother has a right to kill her own child with abortion, and the same politician will suddenly express moral outrage when a child gets killed in a school shooting.


It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that school shootings were unheard of back in the day because they were unheard of.

In other words, they weren’t the subject (if there were any, and there probably were) of screeching, howling, ceaseless nationwide news coverage, with interviews of everybody from the chief of police down to the janitor, including three or four psychiatrists, gun control promoters, commentaries on video games and the decline of morality, prayer vigils on TV, interviews with parents of victims and non-victims. On and on and on. No psychotic person in this country could possibly be unaware that he/she can gain massive notoriety for his “cause” however personal and twisted it might be, by imitating the shootings of which he has seen coverage.


I grew up in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and the news was no different when I was growing up than it is today. If there would have been something like this that would have happened it would have instantly been all over the news the same way it is now, but it wasn’t because these things didn’t happen or were extremely rare up until the Columbine shooting. After that, it suddenly was common. I think part of the problem is they excuse the shooter by saying he did it because he was bullied when just about everyone has experienced getting bullied. It’s like telling the kids, “If you get bullied, we’ll understand if you go berserk.”


There were 21 school shootings in the 1970s and 24 in the 1980s. Maybe you just didn’t notice. :shrug:


When you say “school shootings” do you mean one student got shot by another as in, for example, a “love triangle” dispute over a girl, drugs, or something gang related? If so, that’s not the same as a random killing spree happening in a school.


No, I’m talking about, for example, holding 150 elementary school students and teachers hostage at their school until setting off a bomb which injures 78 of them. Or walking into a school library and unloading a semi-automatic rifle on the people studying there.


So it didn’t involve a shooter. But, I’ll ask anyway, how often did this happen?


I posted the stats on school shootings already.


Why did you post something about a bombing when the subject is random shooting sprees in schools? Also, what is your source? For it to be credible, it can’t be Wikipedia or anything that is strongly biased.


Are you discounting Columbine as well since pipe bombs were involved?

The shootings are sourced with news articles on Wikipedia.


If you’re going to use a tragedy to push your political agenda, at least get your facts straight.

“These” semi-automatic weapons? The kid was carrying a shotgun. In your race to rant about stricter gun control that likely wouldn’t have done anything, you missed a pretty important detail.

If you want to comment and are serious about helping people, tel us which gun laws in Colorado were broken, which would render it an enforcement issue, or tell us what law should have been in place to prevent this.


Granted, my info is from Wikipedia but in the 2010s there have been as many as 46 shootings, in the 2000s 40, in 1990s 34, 1980 24, 1970s 21, 1960s 16, 1950s-21, 1940s-13, 1930s - 12, 1920s - 4. The list goes on. The history of school shootings goes as far back as the history of schools. It seems, though, in recent years the numbers have been increasing, although stuff like this has been known to happen in the past.

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