Anyone here an Arbonne rep? My daughter likes their products and I’m wondering if one can become a rep just to buy products for personal use.

I didn’t see an answer on the website. To locate a local rep I have to submit more info than I want to right now. Thanks.


I’ve a friend who was a rep, I should see her tomorrow or Monday, I will ask.


I was once a rep in MD but that was 6 years ago. I will contact my friend (who may still be a rep - she’s also in MD, in the Edgewater area) and get back to you. But I do LOVE their products, I just wish I could afford them.


My sister-in-law is one. If you PM me, I will be glad to provide her contact information.



I have two friends who became reps just to get a discount on the products. As far as I know, that’s not too uncommon.


I found more info on the website. I also found out that dh has a cousin in MS who is a rep.


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