Archaeological Discovery Gives the First Historical Evidence of King David from the Bible


“The stela’s fragmented inscription… proved that King David from the Bible was a genuine historical figure and not simply the fantastic literary creation of later Biblical writers and editors. Perhaps more important, the stela, set up by one of ancient Israel’s fiercest enemies more than a century after David’s death, still recognized David as the founder of the kingdom of Judah.”


Hey @mdgspencer just wanted to say, I love the articles that you find and share with us :slight_smile:

I appreciate your complement. Thank you.


I used to subscribe to this magazine - the archaeology discoveries are so interesting.


I wouldn’t say that the mentioning of David in the Bible is not historical. If David is non-historical, this inscription could be non-historical as well.


Here all along I thought that the Psalms were physical evidence of King David. Clearly, some modernists still demand physical proof before they will not believe.


One Theologian discussed the book of Jonah as being accepted by modernists along the lines as a “playwrite”. But made the comment that the book was accepted as historical fact by modernists who lived 200 years ago and prior.

It so happens that 200 years ago was the age of secular uprisings in France, United States, and elsewhere.


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