Archaeological Discovery: Huge Block Once Containing the Remains of Peter, Philip and Andrew Found?

Professor Mordechai Aviam of the Kinneret Academic College revealed that a 661-pound basalt block, with three smooth compartments on top, was found in the biblical town of Bethesda.

We suggest, cautiously, that this could be the reliquary of Peter, Philip and Andrew, where the remains of these three Apostles were kept.

Three different teams of archeologists are excavating the ruins of three Roman-era villages grouped together at the northeast corner of the Sea of Galilee. This is one of them. One of the three is likely to be the Biblical Bethsaida, named in the Gospels as the hometown of three disciples, Peter, Philip, and Andrew. But which of the three sites is the right one? That’s something we’re still waiting to find out.

This report concedes: “Aviam admitted that it cannot yet be known for sure whether el-Araj is indeed ancient Bethsaida, but argued that it is a better candidate than other sites that have been proposed, which are being explored by other researchers making a case for them.”

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