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yet another find in Israel

In unrelated news, still no finds that support the Book of Mormon

Maybe I missed something, but what does this have to do with religion? And why the little stab at the Mormons? Do they say that people didn’t live Israel at that particular time?

Yeah I feel the same way. lol

to answer both questions:

First, finds in Israel, in my opinion, support the authenticity of the Bible as an historical book. They fascinate me.

Second, one of my issues with the Book of Mormon, as a former Mormon, is that, despite a ton of money and time put into finding archaeological evidence to support the Book of Mormon, none have been found.

Sorry if that was too fuzzy for you. Please accept my apologies.

Well see now it makes me more sense. lol

Having read some of your posts in the past, I found this quite amusing! :thumbsup:

This site is from the 10-11th century in a Muslim area and appeared to be from a wealthy family that had pipes for fountains. I understand your background but this had nothing to do with the book of Mormon. It’s one thing to discuss new finds in Israel but to turn it into a discussion on Mormonism is another thing. I think you are undercutting yourself here and picking fights that don’t fit the link.

You have misunderstood my intent. I accept that.

Thank you

I find it interesting that there is no evidence for Book of Mormon in archaeology. This topic is worthy of a whole thread by itself. I once found a hand book for aspiring Mormon priests many years ago that apologized for the lack of archaeological evidence, but told these future “priests” to keep their chin up anyway, as some discovery may turn up eventually! I think it was written by Hugh Nibley. Didn’t he resign in disgust because he “no longer wants to be part of an organization that perpetrates fraud” (his words)? In these books, they like to show pictures of Mayan and Aztec temples and then juxtapose them with commentary about ancient Hebrews in America, which is really deceptive. I’m glad you came back to Rome.

I think it was one of his daughters who resigned, not Hugh humself

I’m fairly certain it was Hugh, but I might be mistaken. I remember seeing a letter of resignation with the comment about perpetrating fraud. I can’t seem to find the website to support that, though. I’ll keep looking.

The thing is that people are very messy. They leave behind all kinds of things for others to find. It makes me wonder what archeologists will think about us when they dig up all of our stuff in a few hundred years! The Vikings didn’t spend much time in Canada, but they definitely left their stuff behind for scientists to find.

Either the Nephites and Lamanites are the cleanest civilizations ever or they were never there to make a mess to begin with.

Martha Beck, his daughter resigned and talked a great deal about fraud. I can find no indication that Hugh did. :slight_smile:

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