Archaeologists discover gate to biblical city Zer where Jesus Christ used to live

In south-western Syria, there is a region called Golan Heights, which has a political and strategic significance. Many people might have heard this name due to the recent airstrike but, the same region also has a historical aspect, as the Golan Regional Council said Sunday, July 8 that a group of archaeologists have discovered the gate to the biblical city of Zer.

As per the Bible, Zer was one of the fortified cities in the territory of the Israeli tribes, Naphtali. In a New Testament, the city is addressed as the living place of Jesus and it also mentioned that in this fishing village, he fed a huge amount of people only with five loaves and two fish.

Despite the present scenario of that region, 20 archaeologists, from all over the world, including the director of this project, Dr Rami Arav started their search for the lost city in two different areas of Bethsaida, under the auspices of the Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem.


Wow, I love archeology… love reading about the discoveries. Thanks for posting.


This report taken from a website based in Singapore fails to take into account the academic debate among archeologists that has now been going on for twenty years or more about the correct location of the Biblical town of Bethsaida, mentioned frequently in the Gospels. The site that Rami Arav is excavating may be the true Bethsaida, or it may not. As for his claim that he has found the much older city of Zer, mentioned once only in the Old Testament, that assertion also is open to question.


I understand there is always controversy, but I love reading about possibilities!


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