Archaeologists Say They Have Discovered Sodom (City Bible Said Was Destroyed for Its Sins)


Well it seems that there is very little fanfare about this. For one I didn’t find more than one archeology website that covered this story. The group that found the site are being lead by a biblical archeologist and that may be causing a somewhat biased conclusion to be reached.

Im not surprised this is not breaking news, after all, if they were to find real proof of God punishing people for sexual sin…think of the implications that would have on modern times.

Even if it was widely reported, sadly, many people would still not believe, they would cry hoax or say the city was destroyed by some natural event, unrelated to Gods altogether, I seem to remember a verse where someone in hell asks God for permission to go back and warn his family of the dangers of hell, God tells him, even if he did this, some would still not believe.

Some people just cant let themselves see something, even when its right in front of their faces.

Personally, I won’t hold my breath.

All that we know for sure for now is that the archaeologists discovered a Bronze Age city-state. They might personally believe that it is the biblical Sodom, but whether it is in reality really Sodom or not is something that we don’t know yet.

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