Archangel Uriel


I’ve heard off and on about this “angel”, but never from Catholic documents or sources. Is he more of an Orthodox angel, or a Jewish angel? Who is he and why do we not seek his intercession? Would it be wrong to do so?

He seems quite popular with New Agers and Pagans. I wonder why they’re not as fond of Saint Michael? :stuck_out_tongue:


This link might help.


If you look around you’ll discover that the Jews have a catalog of sorts of angels and demons and that is where you’ll find that one.


I’m actually rather surprized that a New Ager would care about Uriel.

In Jewish tradition, Uriel is the name of the Angel of Death, the same one who wacked the first born of Egypt. He is also the angel who told Noah about the upcoming Flood ( Book of Enoch)

He did have a following throught the early Middle Ages until the public cultus was banned by Pope Zachary.

Which is kind of a shame, I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a Catholic grade school football team somewhere, the St. Uriel Smiters “Go Smiters” :stuck_out_tongue:

The Anglicans still have public cultus, and therefore have parishes named under the patronage of St. Uriel. No football teams though :wink:


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He’s mentioned in 4th Ezra which some Orthodox Churches have in their canon, but not others.


Thanks everyone! I figured he was mentioned in some Orthodox scripture, but didn’t understand why the New Age would be interested in him. I’m always surprised though to find that New Agers have taken some Christian entity and corrupted it to suit their purpose. They probably just did the same here.


According to Jewish Mysticism the 4 archangels around the Throne are:
Mikel (spiritual warfare)
Gabriel (the messenger of God)
Raphael (the healer of God)
Uriel (the angel of life and death).
In Protestant Bibles only the first two are mentioned by name.
Catholic and Orthodoxs add the third in Tobit
Uriel only appers in Erza in some Orthodox Bibles.
But they are all described in the Bible around YHWH Throne. In Ezekiel and Revelations.


<<According to Jewish Mysticism the 4 archangels around the Throne are:
Mikel (spiritual warfare)>>

To be precise, Michael means “Who is like God?”


i believe and know that Saint Uriel is my Guardian Angel -

always thought that “my” guardian angel was just an ordinary run of the mill angel but Saint Uriel is an Archangel .

do Arc angles also serve as Guardian Angles ?




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