Archbishop Announces High-Level Meeting for Possible Restructuring of Anglican Communion

Archbishop Justin Welby has called for a meeting of all of the Anglican Communion’s Primates, or chief bishops, reports Premier. Welby is expected to propose a new structure for the world’s third-largest church body because of deepening divisions between conservatives and liberals. While some news organizations say the move will “effectively dissolve” the Anglican Communion, the Archbishop’s website is more restrained, saying that the meeting, “would be an opportunity for Primates to discuss key issues face to face, including a review of the structures of the Anglican Communion and to decide together their approach to the next Lambeth Conference.”


Yes, I suspect they have already decided that motley will be their approach to the next Lambeth Conference.

Justin Welby’s job is not the world’s easiest.

The African bishops and other conservative bishops cannot
be happy with how progressive the Anglican communion has become. Where do they fit in and their congregations if they do not want to allow same sex marriages and female priests and bishops?
I am not sure a restructuring can bind together 2 different groups with such opposing views.

I always thought the Anglican church was the second largest church body. Have their numbers dwindled significantly?

Word on the street that the next one will be delayed, yes?

And most interesting in this announcement (not a total surprise) was the personal Cantuar invite to ++Beach, Primate of the ACNA. Who will confer, converse, and otherwise hob-nob with his brother GAFCON bishops, to ponder a reply.

Their numbers are likely down, whether the non-Communion Anglicans are counted or not. But Orthodox always had them beat.

Welby evidently isn’t committed to holding the next one on time: he’s looking for a more collegial arrangement for calling it, and for the agenda, rater than a purely Cantuar-driven one, and that’s essentially what the present statement is about, I suppose.

Yes, ++Beach apparently gets a security pass for some sessions (if he chooses, which I suspect he will). That is interesting, but not out of character for Welby. “Disagree in love” is his motto, and he takes it seriously. Institutionalised motleydom, as it were.

Once separated from the One, True, Catholic Church, division seems to follow quickly. God Bless, Memaw

oh the Orthodox are the second largest! I always forget about them! :doh2: I thought the Lutherans were the second largest and had passed the Anglicans.

Pope Francis needs to expand the Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter.

Lutherans may have passed the Anglicans, maybe. If you count all Lutherans as one thing. The Anglican Communion, as one thing, now claims around 80,000,000 adherents. Whether they are in any sense one thing is certainly doubtful, but at least they have the name. As of now. Later, maybe they will have another name, and formally not be one thing. Or maybe being that one thing will not mean what it means now.

And then there are the Anglicans not part of the Communion, currently.

All confusing.

Given applicants are the door, in sufficient numbers, it will certainly expand.

A fine motto for the crew, that last sentence.

Another dying mainstream, liberal Protestant sect. What else is new?

He told his friend, an Argentinian Anglican bishop, that the Ordinariate was unnecessary, and that the church needed them as Anglicans. I don’t think he has any desire to expand it.

The inevitable fruits of the “reformation”

The applicants have all but dried up, and many of those who swam the Tiber are swimming back. Many feel they were misled, or Rome changed the agreements afterwards. It’s a lot less necessary now with recent developments in the Anglican world.

It’s only dying in the liberal provinces. It’s rapidly growing in the conservative faithful Global South. 75% of all Anglicans live in the Global South, and they are simply the future of the Anglican Tradition. North Americans like myself are in groups in communion with the Global South, and are in fact, part of those churches. Our diocese is, in fact, Church of Nigeria as well as the new province ACNA. If the ACNA doesn’t work out, we are happy to be Church of Nigeria.

Yes, on one hand, he risks 75% of the Anglican Church leaving the CoE and TEC behind. On the other hand, he risks losing TEC’s money.

On second thought, it’s really not that hard. Serve God, or serve money?

That seems to me to be a statement from someone with little understanding of what motivates ++Justin. To suggest it is money is frankly defamatory.

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