Archbishop Chapult's New Book-What If you Don't Have a Kindle or a Nook?

The new book by Archbishop Chapult:

A Heart on Fire: Catholic Witness and the Next America

appears to only be available in e-format; specifically for Kindle or Nook. I don’t own either if these. I have an iTouch.

Is there anyway to get this book. Can it be down loaded straight to a PC or Mac?

Thanks for any constuctive input.

If you go to the iTunes app store, you can get a free app for each.

I don’t know if you have looked into it, but there are some *fabulous *Catholic apps out there. iPieta costs $5 (iirc)(and they haven’t changed it), and it has *so much great stuff *on it that it is worth way more–in fact, if one were to buy all the books on it individually, they would cost more than the app and a couple of iPods… maybe even an iPad :slight_smile: And many many more. There have been a few threads on apps which you can search for.

(PS: I am in no way associated with the people who make iPieta–I just really really really love that app and am so grateful they did the work involved so we could carry around so much Catholic reading in our pockets!)

If you use Google Chrome, you can download the Kindle app right onto your computer and buy it that way. I find it all new technology very confusing, but I just followed the instructions at Amazon. Then it took me a day to realize it was an “app” and I had to click the arrow to my apps!

Oi, I’m old.

Works, though.

An eBook can be read on any regular PC Windows or Mac. You just have to download the free Kindle software. You buy the ebook and then log in and read it in the Kindle software.

Not only google chrome, any browser works to download the software application…

Thank you. See… really old.

The eBook is also available via Google Play. BTW, it’s “Chaput,” not “Chapult.”

Go to and look for the Kindle Cloud Reader. It allows you to use your computer as a Kindle reader.

(Using the cloud reader on my netbook is what convinced me to get a real Kindle, so watch out :smiley: )

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