Archbishop Chaput confirms pope to visit Philadelphia in September 2015

Archbishop Chaput confirms pope to visit Philadelphia in September 2015

FARGO, N.D. (CNS) – Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput said Pope Francis has accepted his invitation to attend the World Meeting of Families in the U.S. next year.

Archbishop Chaput made the announcement July 24 before giving his homily during the opening Mass of the Tekakwitha Conference in Fargo.
“All things considered, I’d rather be in Philadelphia…”

September 2015

Who’s going?

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Just the same, I think I’ll leave the post here.

Yippie! Thanks for the news. I am not very far from Philly at all and will be there for sure. I’ll let you guys n gals know how much fun I have. Praise God and Thank you Pope Francis for saying yes to Philly!


Was there ever any doubt? :slight_smile:

Abp Chaput is really a first class guy. The prominence of bishops in the US should really lie with him.

I can’t wait!!! :smiley:

Here are a few more new links:

He really is a great Archbishop. Last week I went to Mass and he was the celebrant. His homily & sermon (he does both) was moving and brought tears to my eyes.

Too bad we can’t get him back in Denver. Not that Archbishop Aquila is a slouch, just miss the Archbishop Chaput’s way of speaking. Once he was giving a talk about those who dissented from catholic teaching and said “being catholic is like being pregnant. You can’t be kinda pregnant and you can’t be kinda catholic. Either you are or you aren’t.” When someone asked a follow up about what such people should do he answered “change their minds and follow the Church.”

I think JPII being in Denver back in 1993 will likely be the last papal visit for the mountain states for a while, but I guess I can be (grudgingly) be happy for Philly. :wink:

Come to Philly, spend a week and attend Mass at our Cathedral Basilica to hear Archbishop Chaput again :slight_smile:

Maybe, I wouldn’t have to eat scrapple though would I? :wink:

I believe Pope Benedict had originally planned on doing the same, so yes.

A papal visit to Philadelphia has been a likelihood since June 2012, when then-Pope Benedict XVI announced that the city would host the global Catholic conference on family life, and that he intended to be there.

When Benedict resigned in February of 2013 and Francis was elected two weeks later, it was assumed that the new pope would also make the trip; a native Argentine, Francis has never been to the U.S. in any capacity.

But when is his Holiness coming to South Africa?

Hello Usige.

Yeah and cheese steaks and hoagies and soft pretzels and you’d have to say yuz guyz every time you talked to someone.


LOL - no. You really only find Scrapple is certain parts of the metropolitan area

It can be had at the Reading Terminal Market along with the best ice cream in the world!


P.S. Just don’t combine the ice cream with the scrapple! :bigyikes:

LOL True, very true :smiley:

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