Archbishop Chaput reacts to Clinton team antiCatholic emails



Why are they treating this as simply rude or anti-Catholic comments made?

The emails reveal that the Democratic Party and its leaders have created fake “Catholic” groups to undermine and destroy Church teaching and to dismantle the authority of the bishops.

These weren’t rude or insulting statements. They were deliberate, calculated attempts by ENEMIES of the Church to infiltrate, attack, and destroy the Church.

It needs to be treated as such and not treated as just some rude comments!


Well, at least he is publicly rebuking the comments!

That’s more than most.


It also reveals a systemic anti-constitution philosophy within the Clinton camp. They’ve been in favor of suspending due process rights,and have no opposed administration attacks on free speech or gun rights, as well.


You can read the Archbishops full letter here:

Worth reading


Perhaps they are trying not to alienate faithful Catholics who are still registered as Democrats (example: Democrats for Life)


Only Bill Donohue at The Catholic League is fighting back.


I love his sense of humor. It seems the only response I can muster this election year. Besides, if I can laugh at the absurdity of it all, it helps me keep hope alive.


I’m not too worried. I find it comical that these people think they can destroy 2,000 years of teachings and traditions.


They won’t destroy the Church, but they can, and undoubtedly have, led many astray, and intend to do more.

I do think that’s worth worrying about.


I agree.


Agreed. These forces of hell will not prevail over the Church, Jesus promised us that. But it doesn’t mean that actual souls won’t be doomed to hell because of these people and their actions. They will lead people astray from the Church.


I know they cannot destroy the Church, but they have the power to diminish Her influence to a tiny voice among a great secular cacophony.

That is their ultimate aim. A Church who has no influence outside of its own doors and a secular climate that discourages and even punishes (bakers, florists, hotel owners) evangelism.

This is what Obama and the left refer to when they talk about “Freedom of Worship” instead of “Freedom of Religion”. They want Catholic (Christian) ideas, values and morals banished from the public square.

The left seeks to establish the state as the pinnacle of human authority. To do that they have to attack and destroy families, morals, traditions (like marriage), adoption, the Church, and ultimately sever the link between God and His people.


“Democrats for Life” might well be sincere, but they don’t elect prolife people. I recall comparing the ratings of NARAL and National Right to Life of the various congressmen and women, based on their support of abortion in NARAL’s case and life in the case of NRL.

NARAL identified fewer than ten Democrats who did not support their position. NRL identified about the same number. NARAL identified almost no Repubs who supported their position. NRL identified almost all Repubs as supporting their position.

So, while there might truly be some “Democrats for Life”, it’s a tiny number that’s trying to swim against the riptide. The reality is that the Dem party stands for nothing but abortion on demand.


Yes it is very alarming!


The loss of even one soul is a great tragedy. Jesus died for that person.


They also intend, apparently, to put roadblocks in the way of the Church completing its mission - word and sacrament - as well as our response to Christ’s call that we help the least of God’s children, by squeezing our hospitals with ACA mandates that are contrary to our religious faith, and our schools with so-called tuition “free” public colleges and universities.


I see he was again passed over for Cardinal, defending the faith is not the best career move.
In today’s Church


Where did this Sandy Newman person come up with this 98% (of Catholic women using birth control) figure? If she is referring to the old Guttmacher Study that was discredited years ago.

An even if (big IF, in theory) 98% of Catholic women did use birth control, it doesn’t change Catholic doctrine.


All those that make Cardinal are defenders of the faith. Your statement should not have been made.

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