Archbishop Cordileone launches effort to promote Catholic identity in San Francisco archdiocesan high schools [CWN]

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco is undertaking a study to determine how well archdiocesan high schools promote the Catholic faith. "We hear stories of children going …


Excellent news, thanks to His Excellency!

May The Lord continue to Bless His Excellency with wisdom, courage and fortitude. Amen.

When I first looked at the thread title, I read it as “Archbishop Corleone” :bigyikes:

Back on topic – good on him :thumbsup:

determine how well archdiocesan high schools promote the Catholic faith

Well, if it’s anything like the school my relatives teach at, they don’t.

Everything from promoting contraception (NFP is never mentioned), declaring that reconciliation is stupid and not needed, promoting women priests, saying that the Bible isn’t authoritative and is wrong, that the Creed is just a “nice prayer” but meaningless, basically denying the divinity of Christ and so on.

And that’s just my mom and sister. :frowning:

Hey, but they go to mass a lot and sent some kids to the March. Hooray.

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