Archbishop David S. Moody and his parish

Hello y’all :tiphat: I am friends with Archbishop David on Facebook and he unfriended me for protecting the Eucharist (which will be my next thread) and for exposing liturgical abuse such as the “Liturgical” dancing and trying to find the parish for me to contact and let me talk to them about it but any ways. I was on his parish website and he is a married Archbishop, part of the Mexican National Catholic Church, here are quotes from what they believe (his parish/ diocese)“We believe in and hold valid Apostolic Succession (Roman Catholic, Old Roman Catholic, Anglican and Old Catholic Succession) of Holy Orders”. “We believe that all Holy Orders (Bishops, Priests, and Deacons) are open to men, single or married.” “Jesus is merciful and it is he alone who understands fully the reality of any human decision, the church welcomes to all the Sacraments those who have been divorced and/or remarried.” This horrifies me! :eek: This is his diocese website He also claims he is loyal to the Catholic Church and “Traditionalist” too. Please help me understand this before I misinterpret it. I have already been crucified on a few thread I have commented and started before.

This group is not in communion with Rome, but are a catholic splinter group. Do not expect them to believe all the same things.

So the MNCC are somewhat similar to the PNCC except they are what the PNCC once were with them having ties to Old Catholics.

If he’s in schism, he won’t agree with you…

The MNCC really has nothing in common with the PNCC (except that they are in schism).

The MNCC was founded by a Freemason priest in attack against the Catholic Church.

The PNCC was founded because some Polish Catholics felt they were being discriminated against by other Catholics in America.

The PNCC situation is a tragedy, while the MNCC was a crime against the Church.

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