Archbishop Dolan interview on 60 minutes (Video)

Archbishop Dolan talks about sex abuse crisis, contraception, women priests etc:;photovideo

Morely Safer seemed somewhat disappointed that the USCCB had elected such a "conservative" president. I suppose that in the case of most media persons, that would just mean that they could expect no Catholic blessing of gay marriage, contraception, and married priests. But then, those things were not going to happen in any case.

Just a few random thoughts:

I have read reports by independent groups that say the rate of sexual abuse, regardless of the type/nature, is about the same in the Protestant world as in the Catholic Church. As a former Protestant, I know that the complete lack of any structure makes hiding such an act far easier and actually inhibits the gathering of information because no reporting is made to a higher level. My statement in NO way should be taken as a defense of any of the wrong doing by men WITHIN the Church. Find me a church anywhere that could cast the first stone.

ArchBishop Wilton Gregory (Atlanta) is a man that should be seriously considered for “bigger and better” things within the Church.

Peace to all:)

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