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“Love also those who are called bigots. We do not like the term, because it is narrow; from this point on we shall designate them as ‘friends.’ Many of them are well-intentioned and say evil things against our Lord’s Mystical Body only out of ignorance. Should we expect to be immune from lies, when Our Lord Himself was accused of politically perverting the nation? At least there is this consolation; they have to think about Christ’s Mystical Body in order to attack it. They do not write or preach against Mars, because they do not think about Mars. Psychology teaches us that such a hatred is born of the fear of loving. Maybe the reason they want to talk so much about the Mystical Body of Christ is because for the moment they are afraid to hear about it. But give them time. They are really fighting a love of it, as Paul did when he held the garments of those who stoned Stephen; and yet St. Paul became one of the greatest Apostles of Christ’s Mystical Body.” Archbishop Fulton Sheen (The Rock Plunged into Eternity)


Thank you! What a great quote! :thumbsup:

A young Wife, who had been taking Instructions for a Year, told the Writer she could Believe everything in the Faith, except the Eucharist. Upon inquiring-about her Husband, it was learned that he was in the Pacific, on Military Duty. In answer to further questions, she admitted that she Corresponded-with him every Two (2) Days, and that she had his Photograph before her, in the House.

We argued there was nothing Wanting-for Perfect Happiness. What more could she Want, than the Constant-Memory of him, through the Photograph and a Written-communication, in which Heart poured-out-to Heart. But, she Protested that she could never be Truly Happy, except-through Union (1)-with her Husband.

But, it was retorted, if Human Love craves Oneness (1), shall not Divine Love? If Husband and Wife seek-to-be One (1) in the Flesh, shall not the Christian and Christ crave-for that Oneness (1) with One-another? The Memory of the Christ Who lived Twenty (20) Centuries ago, the recalling-of His Mercy and Miracles through Memory, the correspondence-with Him by-reading the Scriptures – all these are Satisfying, but they do not Satisfy Love. There must-be, on the Level-of Grace, something Unitive (1) with Divine Love. Every Heart seeks a Happiness outside it, and since Perfect Love is God, then the Heart-of Man and the Heart-of Christ must, in some-way, Fuse (1). In Human Friendship, the other-Person is Loved as another-Self, or the other-Half of One’s Soul. Divine Friendship must have its ‘Mutual-Indwelling’: “He who dwells-in Love, dwells-in God, and God in him” (1John 4:17). This Aspiration-of the Soul for its Ecstasy is fulfilled-in the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

These are the Sacraments
Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Still as powerful & meaningful today as it was when first spoken. Great Clergyman who should be connonized.

That is getting closer. Just the other day a notice went out that first purported miracle was accepted by a panel of theologians…

Next step is that it is presented to cardinals and bishops, who will advise the Holy Father…

If the Holy Father accepts it, he will be declared “Blessed”

His beatification will take place in Peoria, Il, where he was born…

Those two quotes are excellent! I can never get enough of Archbishop Sheen’s writings. My printer will be busy.

May he be “Blessed” soon! :slight_smile:


Heard about that. Great news. Let’s keep praying.

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