Archbishop Fulton Sheen - Source of Quotation?


Looking for a reference for a Fulton Sheen quotation I heard in the past week or two (~September 16 - 22) on Relevant Radio. It may have been in connection with the Mass as the sacrifice of Calvary.

Approximate rendering below; the description of our sins was very stark and vivid.

“Hanging from His flesh on the cross was every murder, every lie, every perversion…”

I don’t know the host or program I heard the quotation on, so I can’t track it down that way.

Thanks for your help.


I think I heard this - I can’t pinpoint the exact one as I’ve been listening to these on and off since the start of summer, but I believe he talks about it somewhere in this massive set of records who did on the catechism.


Thrsty, thanks for the lead. Sheen wrote, lectured, spoke and preached so much that my search truly is for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

It just occurred to me that I might ask Bishop Sheen for his help; may we soon see him raised to the altars.


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