Archbishop Fulton Sheen


I really enjoy watching Fulton J. Sheen. Brilliant, fascinating and a great witness for the Roman Catholic Faith. His ability to explain spirituality reached out to millions including non Catholics. It is amazing now to imagine people of all faiths sitting down in prime time to watch a Roman Catholic Bishop expound on what amounts to Catholic theology, philosophy and faith.

Anyone else here enjoy his apologetic? Support his cause for Sainthood?

Rev North


I sure do. I have all of his “Life Is Worth Living” talks in MP3 format.

You should listen to his explaination of Purgatory. It makes a rather complex subject rather simple and reasonable.

If you don’t have them, you can find them here…


<< Anyone else here enjoy his apologetic? Support his cause for Sainthood? >>

I was amazed at how Robert Schuller ripped off his style of speaking. I used to watch Robert Schuller a bit on TV in the early 90s (before we had EWTN), then when I finally saw Fulton J. Sheen on EWTN, I said “Hey that’s Schuller’s brother!”

Phil P


Wow…cool. That is a great apologetics resource on a variety of subject. :thumbsup:


Rev North {whose grandmother - a died in the wool Anglican and English teacher- loved FJS}


You know I had not thought of that but you are right :hmmm:

Rev North


Bishop Sheen was known as the “Great Communicator” well before Ronald Reagan was given the title. He was nearly as sought after for his opinion and guidance as Billy Graham.

Pray for us Bishop Sheen!


North << You know I had not thought of that but you are right >>

AND further…Pat Robertson stole Fulton Sheen’s writing on the blackboard thing. Altough Robertson used a markerboard. Or used to…been a while since I’ve seen the “700 Club” :slight_smile:

But Pat Robertson didn’t write “JMJ” on his markerboard. Yep, Archbishop Fulton Sheen was the first and master televangelist! And he never claimed to see a 900 foot Jesus (or Mary) either!

Phil P


Yes…FJ Sheen provided intelligent apologetics that even engendered sympathy and respect among non Catholics. Yes…quite a pioneer! I hope he makes Sainthood:)

Rev North


I’m a little slow on some technology. :blush: I have an iPod. How do I get an MP3 file into my iPod? I use iTunes to download a bunch of Catholic podcasts, but have no clue what “format” they are in, I just subscribe and they download automatically.

:shrug: Sorry for the dummy question, but Fulton Sheen is an amazing speaker/communicator and I’d love to carry his words with me. Help would be appreciated!


Somebody mentioned to me about Bishop Fulton Sheen nearly a year ago, and I have enjoyed listen to his talk every morning on my way to work on He *is *just awesome.

Some of his talks are about Soviet and communism and this kinda relates to me when I was still living in my country.


Are you kidding?! I love him. I pray that someday he will be cannonized if that is God’s will.

Have you read his biography, Treasure in Clay?

It will be one of the best investments you have ever made in your faith

Thank God for him and may God grant that his mantle fall upon another today!.


I went to the site, clicked on Purgatory but nothing happened. I had this happen to me at a Peter Kreeft site also. :frowning: Do I need some special equipment to listen?



You can listen to it using Quicktime.

It’s free and can be downloaded here.


I will look for that books. Thanks!


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