Archbishop of Canterbury on homsexual unions: "2 styles of being Anglican"

Archbishop of Canterbury speaks about the Episcopal Church US and their heretical general convention 2009. But as usual, Dr Rowan Williams chickened out!. And continues to dream about something that can never happen. Agree to Disagree!.

This was what the Archbishop of Canterbury was like when his See was Roman Catholic. He actually did something.

I’m not sure what Abp Williams is referring to when he talks about a “two-tier system” of membership in the Anglican Communion. :confused:

i sort of understand it, but i am not quite sure how to explain it.

the episcopal church would most likely be on the bottom tier as not in complete communion with the rest of the communion. rather complicated and i am not sure it would really solve anything.

GKC would probably be able to explain it if he comes to this thread.

Repenting of Anglican prejudice against homosexuals, Archbishop Rowan Williams of Canterbury said that the Anglican Communion is not free to bless same-sex unions at this time but added that there are “two styles of being Anglican” on this issue.

“It needs to be made absolutely clear that, on the basis of repeated statements at the highest levels of the Communion’s life, no Anglican has any business reinforcing prejudice against LGBT people, questioning their human dignity and civil liberties or their place within the Body of Christ,” the spiritual leader of the world’s Anglicans said. “Our overall record as a Communion has not been consistent in this respect and this needs to be acknowledged with penitence.”


More evidence of the implosion of Henry’s church.

The Anglican Church has become irrelevant.Is anyone surprised at their continuing self destruction?Does anyone care?

It’s like a s-l-o-w motion traffic accident.

For Anglicans we now have several levels of service:

For those who can handle traditional morality and who are willing to take on the world for Christ we have original flavor

For those who want to take on most of the world and fight somewhat for Christ we have our 2% fat

For those who aren’t willing to fight for traditions or Jesus but every once in a while we have our 1% fat package

And for those totally unwilling to be soldiers for Christ but rather the Oprah Winfrey Richard Simmons infantry we have non-fat light!

Anyway you want it, drink up!:shrug:

I always refer to it as a slow motion train wreck. Been going on for 40 years or so.

Some people care.


You’ve about got it. There could be sort of honorary, auxiliary, not-for-real members of the Communion.

Don’t hold your breath for anything to happen. While this is fierce talk for Rowan, we’re still speaking of Anglicans. Paint drying is exciting, in comparison.


Two styles of being Anglican?

There are MULTIPLE styles of being Anglican, and always have been.

Anglicanism was never based on a common faith, but rather (until recently revised liturgies) common WORDS about a faith, which words could be interpreted any number of ways.

Anglicanism. The Heinz 57 of Churches.


Just another question to ask if you meet someone who’s anglican - “Which ‘style’ are you?”:smiley:

it strikes me as funny to describe talk by Rowan as fierce. :slight_smile:
i don’t think anyone should hold their breath.
another poster used the word “irrelevant”. that is exactly how i saw the episcopal church in the late 70’s. sad to say that it is even more irrelevant today than it was back then.

**The Anglican Church is no more, or less, than a manifestation, a showing forth ] of the Body of Christ in the modern world. It holds the Faith and Orders of the Apostles. That some of its members, a large proportion perhaps, including the TAC,] have fallen away from traditional beliefs is to be regretted, but the Church holds steady ,it is the individuals who have succumbed. Are we to assume that Romans shows no faltering as individuals?

The fallen brothers and sisters, are no longer Anglicans, holding the ancient faith and traditional beliefs, they are Neo Anglicans, who have surrendered to the teachings of the modern world and no longer hold to the Faith once revealed by Christ!

I use the term “flavor”.


For Rowan, this is like brandishing an AK-47.

I don’t expect him to fire it.


I think that we are in a sad state when courteous and gentle language is construed as “chickening out.” I find this document to be clear, courageous, and altogether admirable both theologically and pastorally.

And continues to dream about something that can never happen. Agree to Disagree!. %between%

The Archbishop is striving to practice the charity of which St. Paul spoke, which “believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

How do you practice that charity when conflicts arise within your Communion?


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

now i am really laughing!!

when i was growing up in the episcopal church, i really found so much beauty in the liturgy and i think the anglican communion and anglican church were once a beautiful testament to the faith and still could be. yes, some have fallen away from the traditional beliefs and the ancient faith and are no longer anglicans.
was the anglican church the first english speaking church? england also gave us the King James Bible for english speaking peoples.
neither the episcopal church, anglican communion nor the roman catholic church are what they were 50 or 60 years ago.
look how our culture and society has changed in the last 50 or 60 years. have our societies changed because the churches have become more lenient or have the churches become more lenient to appease society?

Hey Sorrows. Why so morose?

I for one think that this is a positive development. The ABC recognised the reality of a broken Anglican communion with his two track idea. Actually, though he says there are two “Anglican styles”, we all know that they are really two “substances”, one of which has nothing to do with traditional Anglicanism.

By cutting off the liberal Episcopalians from full communion, the Anglican Church becomes a much more viable, orthodox church. There is enormous interest on the part of Evangelicals in reconnecting with the roots of Christianity, especially the Early Church and ECFs. “Emerging” Evangelical churches are trying to mix modern evangelical theology with vestiges of tradition such as candles, icons and incense. There has been an influx of Evangelicals into the Orthodox Church in recent years and many posters on CA are former Evangelicals. Were the Anglican Church able to jettison its liberal wing, the remaining evangelical/anglo-catholic mix would be very appealing indeed to may evangelicals (and perhaps some Roman Catholics struggling with issues such as Papal supremacy, the immaculate conception and indulgences but who nonetheless don’t want to become Byzantine).

Moreover, once the liberals are formally separate from the orthodox Anglicans, then real discussions between the Anglican, Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches can take place regarding steps toward reunion. Such reunion won’t likely take place in our lifetime, but at least separating the liberals would remove another obstacle to unity.

I am positive.

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