Archbishop of Westminster attacks gay marriage plan

The Roman Catholic Church’s leader in England and Wales says government plans for gay marriage are a “shambles”.

Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols told the BBC that the government had no mandate to push through same-sex marriage laws.

And in his Christmas Eve sermon he said that marriage between men and women shares in “the creative love of God”.

Source: BBC News.


Good for him! We need more bishops to speak out against the atrocity which is gay “marriage”.

Why is this unusual? Is it the fact the Archbishop brought politics into his Christmas homily? I may disagree with this viewpoint but he certainly has every right to express it.


Praise be to God. I am sure all Christians, Jews and Muslims would be in agreement. If not they are unfaithful to their traditions’ authentic teachings on marriage

So preachers are not supposed to preach on faith and morrals in the homily? This is a shepherd leading his flock in the right direction and away from the secular wishes of society. He is spot on! Praise God for Bishops like him!:thumbsup:

I didn’t exactly say that (in fact just the opposite) although I may have implied it. What I am wondering is why this is even a newsworthy subject, and I offered the possibility that bringing up a particularly controversial issue during a Christmas homily may seem to some people slightly inappropriate since it is not done so often. OTOH, I remember when John Cardinal O’Connor of NYC spoke about abortion in his Christmas homily and the recent murders of abortion doctors, and he made the striking statement that if anyone should wish to kill such a person, they should kill him first.

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