Archbishop relays Pope's call for pro-life courage

"A member of the Pontifical Academy for Life said Pope Francis at a recent meeting called for courage to fight today’s culture in working for the defense of human life.

Archbishop Fernando Chomali of Concepcion, Chile, told EWTN News that Pope Francis met with members of the Pontifical Academy for Life in late September and reiterated his clear stance against abortion, as well as his call to bring the message of life to society in new ways.

“He told us to always remember that today we must go against the tide, because unfortunately the culture that exists does not respect life in all its stages, doesn’t recognize the value of life, but rather efficiency,” the archbishop said.

“He told us that in being aware of this, we have great courage to continue forward.”

Pope Francis “is proposing a different kind of pastoral action characterized by the proclamation, and I think this is very positive also in these times,” he added.

Through the proclamation of the Christian message, he continued, Christians must foster admiration for human life, for marriage, and for consecrated life.

“Because we believers see in each human being a providential act of God, inasmuch as we promote a wonder for life, we will generate a joyful outlook about what life means and its value,” Archbishop Chomali stated.

This new approach flows from the path of humility that characterized Pope Francis, he said.

The Pontifical Academy for Life was instituted by Blessed John Paul II in 1994 to address issues related to respect for human life from a biological, medical, philosophical and technological point of view."

Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear this. :thumbsup:

Sure, I was glad to see it too :slight_smile:

I wonder why no news media reports this at all???

Yeah, that’s why I wanted to post it. Good things like this tend to get overlooked.

Yes this will please those that wanted their own way as regards abortion…& thanks for posting, it makes clear what others tried to twist…

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