Archbishop requiring Catholic schools to end activities on Sundays

After months of nudging Catholics to reclaim Sunday as a day to attend Mass and spend time with family, New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Aymond is mandating that Catholic schools clear their calendars that day each week.
Aymond began asking schools last year to tweak practice schedules and reschedule social events so harried families could dedicate their Sundays to worshipping and staying close to home. This year, the request took on new urgency, and by the 2014-15 school year, it will be an official policy of the archdiocese.
“It’s rooted in the fact that people have a number of obligations and commitments. Our society is fast-paced,” Aymond said. “In living such a hectic life, people neglect sometimes, not purposefully, the very basics of faith and family.”
Just to add something quickly

I’m paraphrasing what I heard this Archbishop said outside of the context of this article.

In a society: where noise is always present, where online relationships dominate the standard human relationship, where the foundation of our society the family is being attacked. We need to reclaim sunday as a day for Faith Family and Rest.

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Wonderful. Amen to that. :thumbsup:

Sounds like a good precedent to set.

I’m all for this. Way to go, Abp. Aymond!

what about those who sign their kids up for sports outside of the catholic youth sports, like a local sports “Academy” that has games scheduled for Sunday Mornings? Yes, this happens… :frowning:

Attend Saturday evening service.

it should be up to the family to change this and make sure that the family is still promoted.

I don’t think its a big of a thing in the arch diocese but in Baton Rouge which is next door during the Fall Saturday Evening services are tough for people. LSU football takes priority. But again I don’t know how heavily followed the Tigers are followed in NOLA, but that is a different story with the Saints. The city shuts down during saints game.

note you could easily make watching sunday football a family event. As long as you don’t sacrifice your faith to watch sports which happens way to much I don’t think there is any issue.

The Archbishop isn’t dictating to families, he is dictating to Catholic schools. Those activities that are not run or sponsored by the schools in the diocese are not affected.

as far as rules go yes, but the Archbishop is also preaching on this issue as well, calling families to take Sunday’s back. I’d imagine if parents had a united complaint against a secular sports academy about sunday morning games they would change.

We need to end youth events on Sunday Mornings all together, it takes to many people away from Mass.

Note: I don’t see it to often but I hate when kids come in sports outfits to mass because I guess they have to squeeze mass into the day so they can still play their sports.

I am sorry you feel that way about kids in sports outfits. We have done it on more than one occasion.

Here’s what it looks like for us:
It’s not about squeezing it in… it’s simply part of that Sunday. Ex. A travel game may require a little over an hour to get there - add in that coach wants you there an hour before start time to allow for warmuups and check ins - plus you need to eat before the game. So if it’s a 3 o’clock game, you want to leave around 12:30 or so to get there. Hence, a leisurely wake-up and tustle with the kids - attend CCD classes from 9:30 to 10:45, mass at 11 o’clock, leave mass and start heading towards the game with a stop for lunch - perhaps sandwiches at a park letting the younger kids play for a few and arrive on time for the game. A good family day with no undue rush either in attending mass or trying to get home and get changed. :shrug:

That said, I am all in favor of eliminating as many scheduled activities on Sundays as is reasonable. (I have more issues with trying to work in CCD, mass, youth group, scout meeting, quilt meeting, and adult basketball into one Sunday than the occasional sport :smiley: )


Great idea…:thumbsup:

You are right about that. Fortunately, here in the Bible belt, the battle has be fought for us by our Protestant brothers and sisters. No games on Sundays or Wednesday nights, for that matter and practices at those times are optional.

My kids have played club level sports down here for over a decade and the only time we had a problem with Sundays was for out-of-town tournaments. I understand why they needed to put as many games as possible into the weekend but we always made it a family outing and a chance to visit a new parish. :slight_smile:

I get what you are both saying, I’m in no position to judge if your acts are in line with Catholic Teaching or not. You very well could play sports on Sunday and still keep the sabbath day holy.

But please remember that Sunday should also be a day of rest. I’m not saying this because I don’t think you guys observe this but rather just as a warning. Sunday should be a day that is set apart from the rest of the week. Sunday shouldn’t be just any other normal day. Sunday should be a day where you rest, you spend time with family and spend time with God. Again its not up to me to discern how much rest is needed, if you can play sports and still rest spend time with family and go to Mass more power to you.

Another thing sports should never make it more difficult or even impossible to go to Mass. This is why I said the thing about Sunday Mornings I think a sunday morning sports activity would in most cases take away from the worship of God.

I generally support what the Bishop is hoping to do and would like to see it become a trend among Catholic institutions. It is time we reclaimed Sunday as the Lord’s Day.

I agree with you :yup: I do think Sunday activities need to be limited as much as practical.
Though for us, an occasional afternoon of relaxing on the sidelines, enjoying some travel and some playtime is good for our family.

I just wanted to share that a family with a child wearing a sports uniform may not be overloading or crowding the day so much that they are only squeezing in Mass.


Therein lies the problem. Sports being a priority over our relationship with God.

The Diocese of Des Moines has a policy for it’s Catholic schools of no events until after 12pm on Sunday.

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